Has anyone actually done this ?

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  1. ray23

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    This is a question from a non biker forum, but a very good one. So is it just rumor or has someone actully completed the process?

    "O.k i am looking on buying a big bike, I have been looking about and have done a bit of research on it, i was wandering if anyone out there has bought a bike with invoices for import tax paid on parts and have had it registered, any problems getting it registered?? where do you legally stand. i have heard some storys and know that people import these bikes in parts to pay less duty on them, has anyone done this, i mean bought a bike with invoices for tax on parts and got the bike registered?? any feed back would be greatly appreciated!!"
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  3. Silom

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    Done this twice and had no problems. The invoice must be correct. Paid 80 tsd. Baht and waited around 2 1/2 month. Both been Hayabusas. Saved around 120tsd. each, compare to the motorcycle shop prices.
  4. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Do you use a specific service or do it your self?

    There are some good buys around on invoiced bikes.
  5. Silom

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    I have a Thai, I know and trust him for 8 years, he is doing the paperwork. He is a mechanic who worked for 10 years with riders club on Silom and runs his own business for the last 3 years.
    If you like I can give you the contact and further informations. In general it's hazel free, just needs time. In my case I made a copy of the invoice, faxed it to him, asked if everything was ok, then I bought it and he registered it for 80tsd. Baht. First I paid a smal amount and a week or so before I received the the papers I paid the rest. Make sure that the id card copy of the Thai who sells the bike is not expired during the registration time.
  6. ray23

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    Thanks that would be good information if not for now for the future.
  7. Pikey

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    Sounds interesting, but just to qualify, are we talking about 100% legitimate new green books/plates here or recycled ones that could potentially cause problems (if not done believeably) in the future? I ask because 80,000 THB is the price that has been mentioned before for a recycled book/plate (although I understand that they are available cheaper).

    Editting this as I just read that you recommend that the previous owner's ID card be checked for the expiry date (and signature) so I guess you are talking about a legitimate green book & plate?


  8. Silom

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    Yes it's a legitimate registration, otherwise I should had problems when it came to the renewal of the tax sticker after one year. This renewal done not by the guys who issued the book. Just had send my messenger to the tax office and got a new sticker. If the bokk would be a fake, I couldn't done like like this.
    I guess that from the price of 80 tsd., there is a certain amount for the connection, but not much % at all. All I know, are people who asking this amount, even registration would be done in e.g. Rayong province.
  9. JohhnyE

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    Four years ago I bought a 2001 Yamaha Fazer 1000 from Red Baron. Took 6 months or more after constant calling to finally get the Green book which I was told before arriving at the shop to collect the bike was there waiting for me with the bike.
    When the book was finally sent to me it had been registered in Bangkok,then Udon Thani, even though I was in fact the "first" owner in Thailand.
    On top of that I had a book "belonging" to a 1989 Yamaha 1000 of some sort.
    I worried about what might happen when I finally had to change the registration to my name in Chiang Mai. Fortunately I had no problems but when and if I want to sell do I advertise it as a 1989 bike or 2001? Will anybody care because they'll know what it reallly is? What if I want to take it home - export that is?
    Were the Engine and Frame #'s changed to match the donor bike?
  10. ray23

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    Silom I would like the contact info to get the bike registered, if you feel uncomfortable posting it could PM me please?

  11. mikerust

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    "Took 6 months or more after constant calling to finally get the Green book"

    Hmmm. So in some ways the problems with SiamSuperbike are not unique. If someone hadn't stolen the stock......
  12. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    You know I'm from southern California, the reality of most riders there they have no time to ride.

    I went to the LA Times classified and found this little jewel, not the miles and price and ther are thousands like it in the area. Imagine if you could plate them.

    '05 Yamaha V-Star Classic, Great deal, Moving, Mint, 5K mi, $4,000

    Thats right guys an 05 VStar for 140 K baht
  13. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Another different site:

    Price: $ 2,500 USD

    This is a hardly used 2004 GSXR 1000. This bike has 1825 miles on it and recieved its first service at the dealership where I purchased it.

    The price on this $2500 ( 87,500 Baht) and he would give free shipping anywhere in the states

    I fhter is a way it would certainly be worth it.
  14. Silom

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    PM send to you.
  15. ray23

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