Has anyone advices for lower Isan?

Discussion in 'North-East Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Jurgen, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I am planing a ride from Chiangmai to tour lower Isan. Would be very grateful for advices on interesting secondary roads (avoiding, if possible, route 2 and maybe 24 (?).

    I want to visit Phrasat Phimai (maybe Korat), Phanom Rung (?) and ??? to Ubon and Mekong. Than back, if possible, not through Mukdahan (done already). I am usually limiting my daily journey to 300-400 km as I like to take pictures and discover people and sites.

    I am also interested to know about accommodation till around 500 THB and places with fresh coffee :)
  2. Hi Jurgen,

    The best info you could get is from Capt Slash road trip reports.
    He's done a lot of the roads down there along the Cambo border. He habitually avoids the highways.
    Just check the Northeast section on road trips for last year.
  3. Thank you Dougal,

    Yes, I know some of the well documented trip reports of Cap Slash and always follow them with pleasure. Will have to do some more research in the archives. I am trying to put the frame in place and will then add the details. There are so many options in North and N-E Thailand that it is easy to get lost :) ... fortunately most alternatives are often great.

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