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  1. Hat Yai has changed so much in the past 2 years. There are more big name dealerships, small independent outlets and life is pretty good, we have more good restaurants and bars than ever before.

    I hope to add some points of interest to those who are making a trip to or passing through as and when I get around to it.
  2. Homeless bar & grill

    New on the block, a great place to relax in HY .. The established places can't touch this play - Real burgers with 100% beef .. Amazing staff .. Great decor .. Whenever I visit I always start at the bar waiting for a table to clear.


    Kaopan Sushi, Thanon Jiranakorn (GPS: )
    The best Japanese in town .. Locals only - not always authentic but always busy. The sushi is thoroughly recommended. NhmF8nA.

    Mari Jang GPS:
    Second choice for Japanese - Situated near bus station, in a busy district of HY. Run by a Japanese expat and his wife. Great Japanese curry and a very varied menu. Always packed, but turnover of tables is pretty quick.

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  3. Motorzilla, Thanon Thamanooviti, ( N7.00504 E100.47934 )

    A new shop, I don't know how long this guy will stick around, hopefully he will succeed as he is pretty much the only place to get a half-decent helmet. Stockist of Shark & HJC helmets - Stocks a variety of sizes and models from Small to XL. He also carries a few jackets ( prob. Chinese copies ) and gloves.

    Bike gear, Thanon Siripoovanart (N6.99871 E100.48733)

    This one is a bit of a strange one, family owned and run, when you enter the shop they are tripping over themselves and arguing amongst themselves to help you. Stock Real and Index helmets, Jackets - Real and Chinese knock off's, gloves - ditto. Stocks a fair bit of Chinese MX gear - Scoyco

    X-Speed & Moto Addict Pro Street Shop , Moto Square, behind the Ducatti dealership (GPS: ).

    This guy appeared no more than 2 years ago and is doing well, owns 2 shops selling the same gear + satellite branch in Chana, a small town on the way to Yala / Narathiwat. He seem to have cornered the upmarket rider. Stocking Suomi helmets, Furygan, Badass jeans, Motored lube, AGV, U-Clear, RST, etc in addition to a fair selection of Chinese knock-offs - Helpful as he carries clothing for women riders / passengers.

    Phone: 095 075 9955


    I'm not too sure of this guys connection with Ducatti, but theres also a connection with Pirelli HY by moto addict and also Moto addict outlet in Songkhla.

    Indy Bike

    Siri Racing

    Recently moved around the corner, the shop, still being built looks pretty impressive, lets hope he increases the stock and improves the attitude of the assistants and steps up a gear.
  4. Siri big bike 20/17 Sriphuvanart Rd, Hat Yai, 074-232616 / 081-698-318 ( GPS:)

    Been around since the birth of Hat Yai, always a favourite but always never cheap, some will swear by the service, some not. Stocks a few helmets, jackets, accessories. Motul & Shell lubricants.

    Indy bike shop

    James bike shop
  5. Dept. Land Transport
    There are two in the province, Songkhla and a smaller office in Hat Yai.

    DLT Songkhla ( GPS: 07.13805 )
    The provincial HQ where you can apply for a driving licence, take both the written and practical tests, vehicle inspection dept. and pay for your road fund. If you are transferring a title on a vehicle purchased outside the province, you will be required to do this here.

    DLT Hat Yai ( GPS: 07.01941 100.49590 )
    A smaller and more convenient office, you can't take your driving test here, however there are facilities to extend licenses ( video presentation / sight and reaction testing / licence production ) usually within 30 mins in addition to the usual road fund, vehicle inspection and vehicle title transfers.

    Songkhla Immigration
    Songkhla ( Hat Yai ) immigration is situated in the grounds of Hat Yai police station.


    Yong Dee Hotel ( GPS: 07.00564 100.47053 )

    If you need to grab some Malaysian / Thai currency, Yong Dee is one of the most convenient places, open until 9.00 PM at night if you are lucky.

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  6. Honda

    Pitan Pannit Honda

    Thanon Niphatuthit 3 ( N7.00718 E100.47047 )

    The only decent Honda dealership in the HY centre, have bikes upto 300cc.

    Able to service bikes up to 300cc, excellent friendly service .. Quick reliable spares department.






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