Have Bike, Will Travel...

Blue Max

Dec 24, 2007
It’s a fact that if you’ve got a bike, you’re gonna be going places no matter where you are.

Thailand is no different. You’re out of the tuk-tuk loop, the taxi-blag and the baht bus rumble.

No longer do you have your hand in your pocket every time you want to get from A to B.

Ok sure you can get around some of distance problems by living in the middle of a town or city, but lets face it, if you’ve been living in anywhere that’s a tourist den you really don’t want to be dwelling there long-term. City centres are for workers, tourists and general entertainment stuff. Good to go there to getting in there, getting your work done or whatever turns your groove. Not so good for living in for any length of time. I’m sure the young, the desperado’s, the extrovert’s and the noise machines out there may disagree but that’s another story.

I’m being sweeping in my generalisation but for the times we’ve been around Thailand, the clued up expats know that it’s in the outskirts or outer parts of a town or city where the good life and biking fun is.

You can be out of the province with ease and on the road in no time. Stuck in a busy town or city trying to elude the traffic hordes can be a pain, especially on a big bike.

No longer do you have the rental conundrums and doubts buzzing about your head:

How much will it be next month?

Is this machine reliable?

Is my passport safe?

What insurance (if any) is there on the machine?

Will there be some hustlin’ about fictitious damage when I come to return it?

If there is and I don’t want to pay what happens if they keep my passport?

I’m not pretending that owning a bike in thailand, big or small is always easy. But it’s a damn sight less stressful than paying dead money to a dealer/trader each month when you own the machine outright...

You can be on the road travelling to some far-off Thai city knowing:

I’ve paid for my own insurance and road tax.

I’ve made sure the bikes roadworthy. No big government telling me I need to get an inspection sorted. I get my own on done!

I’m master and commander of my journey and no-one’s stopping me. No need for a big clunkin’ bus or rickety train you’ve no control of when you can ride!

Fuel bills go down, traffic congestion is a breeze and you’re not stuck in a metal coffin staring out of the wind-screen on every journey you make.

When you arrive at a place you’ve made it! It isn’t just a place on the map, but somewhere you’ve braved the roads and highways to get to and now you’re here!

Night falls and you’ll be wanting to get out there and explore the night scene.

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