Have You Ever Run From The Police?

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  1. I live about 25 kms outside Bangkok and my route into town takes me along Rama III Rd from Bangkok Bridge around to Asoke.
    This is a very long, wide road and has about 5 or 6 time-saving flyovers crossing most intersections and you guessed it, for some strange reason bikes aren't allowed on them. :?

    On my occasional trips into town I do cross them as do many other bikes and I have yet to see any police checks. Until last week that was.

    As I approached one just past the Rama 9 Bridge area, I noticed a lone policeman standing at the side of the flyover with a walkie-talkie who raised it to his mouth upon seeing me. I was going too fast for a quick lane change so decided to carry on over the flyover and fully expected to encounter an eager posse of Boys in Brown at the other side.

    Now as I was going across, I was deciding what to do. Do I meekly slow down and accept the consequences or do I gun it and speed away sporting a 'Catch Me If You Can' grin as do some of the Thai boy racers in this area?

    Surprisingly, there was no welcoming committee on the other side and I carried on my merry way.

    Now I would never even think about running from the law in the UK whilst riding but why would I consider doing that in LOS?

    Has anyone here ever thought "Oh, to Hell with it" and just sped off.
  2. I have run from the cops a couple of time in the UK and got away with it but I was doing some dangerous driving to do it and they did not have a helicopter,

    when they did have a chopper they got me simply by holding back and setting up a road block and watching from the chopper, but when it came to court i got off on a technicality... The police were pissed.

    but I am a good boy now . i sometimes had dodged cops here, but usually give them 200baht.

    How do i vote as the thing does not seem to work,
  3. Run from the police...?

    Often in Cambodia....at least a few years ago when the police only had motos. Some now have 250cc and larger bikes, so its now done more cautiously. A Khmer cop stands in the middle of the road, his hands raised. You know it's usually another attempt to extract Riel/$$ for some bogus offense. As I approach, wearing a fake broad smile of newbie tourist innocence, I wave at the cop and say hello as I weave around him.

    But, I'm more law abiding in LOS...and have been nailed only once, and that was by the Highway police south of Korat. The cop, with his ticket book in hand, demanded 400-Bt for speeding. He wanted the money then said he'd fill out the ticket. I said write the ticket first and then I'll pay. He himmed and hawed. I said would 100-Bt beer money be satisfactory...he said 'yes'. :)

    Again, in Issan, I'd been on an extended trip. The bike was laden with gear. Cop stopped me for speeding and demanded 200-Bt. As he looked over my bike he began questioning where i'd been, I regaled my trip details...and we chatted for about 10-minutes. I then asked where do I pay the ticket. He said 'what ticket'...and waved me on. Months later, when returning from Ubon, I was stopped by another group of cops, for speeding of course! The cop was insistent...actually being tenacious... that I pay a fine. I was steadfastly maintaining my innocence. The senior officer of the group came over. Turns out to be the same 'what ticket' cop that had stopped me months earlier. He recognized me...and told the junior cop, which was demanding money, that 'he's a good guy...let him go'!! I've been quite lucky, so far....
  4. i couldn't! It was a massive roadblock/operations with cops everywhere, along the superh'way just outside BKK...and there simply is no way for me to get into the clogged up service road on the left.

    Mr. Policeman wanted baht400 fine plus a trip to the local station...for riding my bike on the superhi'way!

    I wai'd and pleaded ignorance on the ban...(there is no sign in english saying so right?) After a good 20minutes under the hot midday sun of chicken-talking-to-duck, he gave up and let me off :lol:

  5. I do it all the time. I nearly ran one down a few weeks ago on the under pass in Bangkok from Don Muang into town. They don't seem bothered if you don't want to stop, only in a car does it seem that they could give a monkeys.....
  6. At highish speed I have ignored cops pointing at me on the highway... only to have them get me with a road block. 2000B.

    I have pretended not to see the cnuts outside On Nut Tesco only to have them bodily throw themselves in front of me. Brave buggers.

    I'd love to get away but I've never quite managed it.
  7. Never had reason to run from them in LOS while on a bike but have done so in a car after turning left at a red light when I shouldn't have. Wouldn't think twice about riding off mind, I'd be a wee spot on the horizon.

    Used to do it all the time in the UK when I was younger, especially on motocross bikes when coming to/from a field. In fact I used often used to slow down and let them catch up before pulling a wheelie and disapearing again :twisted:
  8. A mate of mine was being chased by the police.
    He was on foot..running through peoples back yards and over fences.
    The cops were in a helicopter ,with a heat sensor.
    He jumped into a dog kennel...got away.
    Just a thought.
    He was damn lucky Mr Rotweiler wasnt home.
  9. "Only if I was certain of a clean getaway" is a tempting answer... Easier to get a clean getaway in LOS(especially with an unregistered bike) than in Europe.
    However what would happen to the next unlucky farang rider they 'll manage to catch... There is a high probability the cops takes revenge on her/him.
    Sure it ' s not good for the biking community reputation.
  10. Hmmmmm, like use the right-hand lane.
  11. Hmmmmm, like use the right-hand lane.On the grapevine, apparently there's a bill before Parliament allowing bikes to use any lanes.
  12. Um,
    Happened to me the day before I was heading back to work. I left my driving licenses safely packed away in the house. On Pattaya Beach Road a member of the best money can buy, stood in the one way street waving a board (in Thai - not sure what it said!). I was riding side by side with a couple of step thrus and a car and I really wasn't sure who he was waving the sign at (honest guv!) For all the above reasons I drove on. He wacked me on the leg with the board as I passed! Concerned that he may have some buddies up the road, I took the first left and headed home, with my eye on the rear view!

    Tony W
  13. According to a Thai lawyer I met, there has never been a law forbidding bikes from the right hand lane. All vehicles are expected to keep to the left unless overtaking or turning. Just like normal countries.

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