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    My self and three young mates thought we would give it a go on the dirt. Actually Armin is experienced, so that left three of us who had never ventured into the art of 'trying to stay alive when out of control'.
    We arranged for ST Motorcycles from Chiang Rai to deliver four Honda XR's to Little Home Guest House in Doi Mae Salong (always the guest house of choice there) and arranged for Khun Vitoon, the son of Khun Somboon, the owner of Little home to show us around the hills and dales. Brave of him to agree to ride with three inexperienced off roaders who are in the twilight of teenage years.
    An early morning start at Little Home
    Eagerly anticipating the delivery of the bikes, I was somewhat taken aback at what I saw at the front of the guest house. Thankfully someone else's order it transpired. I didn't think I screwed up the bike order that badly
    We went off down the road to get the tyres checked and meet up with Khun Vitoon's two uncles and another mate of his who had come along for the ride
    Off down the tarmac we went turning off here and there into smaller roads each time until we came to the start of the off road......
    Having a go at this was the start of my numerous encounters with Mother Earth and Khun Vitoon took the bike up for me
    but along the way the views were spectacular
    and some trails much more manageable than the initial 'jump in the deep end' assent
    Even stopped off to give a hand to some guys getting a cow into a pick up truck and so learnt some farming techniques along the way as a bonus, just in case we need these skills in later life
    Khun Vitoon provided a gourmet lunch in a perfect setting, brilliant
    One of the bikes conked out and refused to start so a quick call to ST and they delivered a replacement within an hour. Truly fantastic service.
    Armin went back down the trail to meet the guys from ST and so we took a break and a few snaps
    Coming into Mawhpi village of the Lahu, we came accross a ' Church of the Nazarene'. Amazing what you fined in the middle of no where
    Riding into Mawhpi
    A really nice little secluded place is Mawhpi
    and the local lads took particular interest in Khun Vitoons Kawaka
    More stunning views along the way
    And a bit of water work too
    but also some tricky stuff to navigate and in my case mostly unsuccessfully. The guy with the stuck bike is local who pottered up on his Honda Wave with his daughter on the front wondering what all the fuss was all about
    Having got dressed uup in all the clobber with the 'go' bikes kind of made me feel a bit of a prat when this bloke and his daughter go along these tracks every day as a normal part of everyday life
    So all in all, a great experience that says you are never too old to learn but for me, old enough to know that some things are best left to others.
    Couldnt have done the trip and come out alive without Khun Vitoon and his crew and the top service of ST Motorcycles.
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  3. DavidFL

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    It looks like that was outrageous fun. Sorry I missed you guys.

    For anyone else passing through Doi Mae Salong / Thoed Thai & who is genuinely interested in the area look up the guys at Little Home guesthouse for some excellent trail riding in the real heart of the golden triangle. They can arrange bikes & make sure you have a good time. :thumbup:
  4. ronwebb

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    Perhaps 'A Squirt in the Dirt' would have been a better title!
  5. David Learmonth

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    Excellent photos & report. Unfortunately I could no longer attempt a ride like that but it looks like you all had fun! What spectacular scenery.

    Call quite often at Little Home for lunch nowadays & they are very friendly & helpfull. Glad to hear you got such good service
    especially with the hired offroaders.
  6. Jurgen

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    Great tour and pictures. It's nice to be a bunch, for help out of the ditches and to share the laughers! Lucky to be coached by Armin :)
  7. rmbike

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    great report thanks for the pic

    i hope to get that way one day soon

    wont fall on that first incline though :lol-sign:
  8. Rod Page

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    A couple of shots from Day 2 to complete matters.....

    The team at Sweet Mae Salong - Doi Mae Salong's best restuarant:


    Day 2 began with an impressive climb over a very rocky surface & on to an army control point from where one could see rival such posts of both the Shan State & Myanmar armies:



    The tougher terrain was interdispersed with pleasant trails through forests of pine, over creeks traversed by bamboo bridges & through isolated Akha villages (the last photo is supplied as sometimes differences in size can be quite intriguing):




    Attached files 266698=2212-IMG_1400. 266698=2211-IMG_1404.
  9. Tom Forde

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    Hi Ron, it seems alot of us 'veteran' riders are getting down and dirty.
    It is great fun and less dangerous than Kamakazi pick up trucks!
    Keep it up.

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