Having an English spekking lawyer a phone call away.

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    We bought another small bike and had one of those little side cars added to it. I have ridden for year. But this was all new to me. I actually rode it around the village fro two day trying to get used to trick but I was getting it.

    I started taking about a 400 Lb. load to our little farm. Got to the main street where I had to make a right turn. Now we got traffic in the mix. So I did what was normal to me and leaned, guess what they don't turn when you lean. Hit a parked car not much to talk about my fault.

    I told the owner is was my fault, he wanted a 1,000 baht from the damage we could see at the time that was fair and I was ready to pay. On further inspection there was more damage then we knew about I figured for about 6K baht, which I would have paid without hesitation.

    But, the his wife got involved and the farrang game got started, and we went to 10,000 baht So I called my wife to the location. Now when I first got here I would have just paid it. But, this isn't my first day of falling off the truck There was a body shop across the street I told him take it there and I would pay for it. We were in my village so I wasn't worried about being over charged.

    Oh no he wanted his cousin to estimate it, now that sure sounds a fair deal doesn't it?

    Ok I admitted I was wrong, I would pay for the damage. There comes a point when you say to yourself enough I'm not going down the rosey path any longer. So I called my Lawyer told him what was happening and only wanted the guy to go across the street and get an estimate. So the lawyer talked to him on the phone and explained everything to him. Should be no question at that juncture that I was going to do the right thing. Even the market vendors were telling him to go across the street. But, oh no the wife wanted blood. Mine you no one injuries. I asked the guy at least ten times just call the cops.

    Having the lawyer at phones length I don't worry about the cops, he can talk to them as well. 12 times I asked they to go across the street and get an estimate. No way were they going to do that.

    As far as I was concerned I had did the right thing, they refused to comply with any reasonable request and I had things to do. I had tons of witnesses around us that knew us and would say that I identified myself admitted it was my fault, was willing to pay with an estimate. So I left the Thai was way past me and I would have just complicated matters.

    So my wife stayed and negiaoted a settlement I had told he up to 6K was fair. They guys wife kept the game up for another 20 mins. and them settled for 4500 baht. There greed coast them 1500 baht.

    The call to the lawyer I think made the difference, the Thai guy finally told his wife to shut up. He knew he couldn't play a tourist game on me I would be fair but I would nit be conned.
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    This sort of thing is happening all over the country on a daily basis

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