HCMC to Sapa, with google map and road rating Mar-Apr 2013

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    We just started our trip from HCMC to Sapa a couple of weeks ago. We have been mapping our route so that we can remember the great times we are having in Vietnam. Also in case we want to take the same roads heading back south from Hanoi. There has been many times, Google has found the info we seek from this site. Just want to give something back as we continue our trip, rating all the roads that we have taken, also mapping great places to eat.

    The combination of great scenery with the perfect twisty is always what biker looks for. So this map is for those of you are looking for the great roads you shouldn't miss along the way.

    Google map link:

    So far, our favorite roads are:
    -Day 329: Phan Thiet to Di Linh
    -Day 336: Phan Rang to BaNgoi

    If you would like to see the pictures and our experience along the roads, feel free to checkout my blog at foto-jaunt.com . Our bike trip should end sometime by the end of April 2013, so we still have plenty of time to travel. If you are heading south from Hanoi, and have some great roads suggestions, we would love to hear from you!
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    You really did a great trip in Vietnam. I 'd love to do the same one with the full length of Vietnam map but have no time to do it...
    It would be much more convenience for members here if you can post photo to your own thread here.
    I believe it will be awesome!
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    it looks like there is a limit with google map. It breaks the trip into sections and not show the full length of the path. Will have to find a way around that somehow.

    at the moment, we just made it to Kon Tum. It has been a very good mix of good rides and experiences.

    As the combination of free time and good internet is hard to come by, I will share the links to the blog instead, rather than uploading twice.

    Here is the 1st entry for our bike trip, starting from Saigon to Ho Coc
  5. fotojaunt

    fotojaunt New Member

    We just arrived Da Nang today, was it a wonderful road along the river coming up here. This is what riding is all about. We still have a long way to go before making it to Sa Pa. This trip has been amazing to say the least.

    Just updated the google map with the full length in red. Google map tends to break down the map into sections. The blue and green have comments and review of that section of the road.

    Just updated the trip with photos into the blog, its about 10 days behind, we are currently Day 346 on our trip. Here is a link to the blog entry rather than uploading twice.

    Ride Safe

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