Head On Crash

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  1. We were doing some filming for a TV show..

    Didn't follow our normal rules as the flow was interrupted and retake this and that shot.

    One screw up and a juicy head-on..

    No one injured and walked away laughing.. But more careful after this :)

    The KLX needs to see the Kawasaki doctor for some plastics and new head light.
    The CRF has been sent straight to the specialist...

    By chance we both had the go pro's on..

  2. My Mates did the same thing in NZ when We were Young but at a Higher Speed! Broken Fingers etc! Lucky for You Guys, Glad no one was Hurt! Who was the other Rider and what was the Damage to the CRF?
  3. Cool! Adding stunts to Laszlo's videos. How many times did he make you do it? This also needs to be added to the "stuff ups" page.
    Joking aside, I'm glad no one was hurt. :thumbup:
  4. Bloody hell that's funny - after the event.
    Lucky guys alright.
    Glad to see you owned up & posted - many wouldn't.
    Well done.
  5. No one really at fault.

    All a bit confused in the beginning with the filming and getting in to the flow.

    In this case I was hanging back last to film everyone with the Go Pro and the camera crew were on the bend.
    I waited for the dust to clear after taking the bend and struggling to turn off the Go Pro while waiting for the camera crew.

    Then went on.. The rest were on the way back to see what the delay was.. Not use to how long it takes with filming :)

    Just a bit unfortunate the on coming rider was fresh off the boat from Sweden.. So natural reaction was to the right and me to the left LOL.

    No drama.. No major damage to bikes and riders fine.. Just a nice black and blue bruise on my leg the next day and a bit of a sore arm, which is fine today.
    Peter a sore wrist..

    All good and best mates that have shared a special experience :->

  6. Your video shows just how quickly the coming together can happen.

    I always ride the trails here thinking that there could be a family of five on a Honda dream around the next corner.

    Glad in this case no one was hurt to bad.

  7. Amazing quality video,it's just shows how quick it can go wrong.Im really pleased you both still bounce well and nobody was badly hurt.
    Safe riding

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