Headlight Modulator is making a huge difference!

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  1. I'm sure we've all been faced with the hazards of the multiple U-turn areas that are so prevalent in Thailand. I cannot recount the number of times that motorists have slowly turned in front of me and where I have executed massive brake pumping to stop only a foot or so from the side of their vehicle.

    Since purchasing a headlight modulator and installing it on my bike, I have not had one incident of motorists not seeing me or ignoring me at these U-turn areas, and I have been to rides at Maha Salakham, the dreaded Highway 2 from UTH to Khon Kaen, and to Phetchabun and back to UTH -- not to mention just everyday riding.

    The strobing effect of the headlight in the daytime really gets their attention. Even those who like to roll through the U-turn have come to a complete stop when they see me coming. It has been well worth the $70+ US dollars spent.
  2. In an earlier thread concern was expressed as to whether headlight modulators were legal in Thailand.

    So, have you had any encounters or questions from the BIB??
    If not a potential problem, then I'll be adding one to my shopping list.

    How long have you had the modulator on your bike?
    What company did you buy it from and was the decision based on it's price, quality or maybe reviews?

  3. I am not aware of any law that prevents them, but I haven't done any research in that regard.

    The modulator has been installed for about a month. I've been from UTH to Phetchabun, into the national forests, Khon Kaen and along Highway 2 with it. I have been behind both local police vehicles and highway patrol vehicles. I've gone through numerous check points inside and outside of UTH. I go through traffic signals that are being directed by local police. There hasn't been one inquiry from them.

    I purchased mine on Ebay. It is a Kisan PathBlazer. They make about a dozen models that will fit almost any bike.

    I installed it and had it calibrated in less than 15 minutes. I don't recall the exact price, but I purchased it after seeing it in action on the bike of one of my buddies. Even when he was a good 30 yards behind me, I could see the reflection of his strobing headlight on the back of the automobile in front of me. I had to have one. I considered it an investment in my personal safety.
  4. I've had a headlight modulator for at least two years. Never a problem with police from Nong Khai to Chiang Mai to Sakon Nakhon to BKK to Pattaya to Hua Hin to Krabi. They don't even flinch or ask.
  5. I installed one from Signal Dynamics this week using their plug and play wiring harness. 85.00 USD for the widget and harness on Amazon.
    Installed a 85W high beam bulb at the same time

    My only complaint is that you cannot use the headlight flasher as a warning now as cycling this will turn the modulator off - fine for police roadblocks
    I need to retrain, and hold the flasher button on which now modulates high beam while leaving low beam on normally

    Now to find out how legal it is
  6. Right. I agree I really don't think the police here care. :thumbup:
  7. Police still don't care and don't even ask.

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