Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke, Reminder

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  1. Don't kid yourselves guys this is something that can kill you. I'm applying primrilyy to riders we will not let this hot weather stop us. But it really applies to everyone.

    Poi and I both experienced this weekend, when I finally got her home Sunday she had migraine that put her down for the rest of the day. I had absolutley no energy left at all. In Poi's case she does not drink a sufficent amount of water I do but it poors out of me like a shower. It very important to stay hydraited and the best thing for that is water.

    I have ordered a cool vest from the states and plan on writing an accurate evaluation on it good or bad.

    I strongly recommend reviewing this information so you recognize what is going on with you and our fellow riders and how to help.


    http://www.emedicinehealth.com/heat_exh ... cle_em.htm
  2. Ray, same happended to me one day riding down from CNX to my house at Bowin. I usually only stop when the tank's empty. Rode the FJR in a slow way just to see how many kms I can get out of one tank, took the dirretissima via Tak. Humming along in absolutely high temperatures somewhere after Kampaeng Phet around midday (April) I suddenly realised that my breathing was short and hefty, felt my vision starting to spin. Just had enough time to stop the FJR, engage neutral and put the sidestand out. Several moments later I woke up lying besides the bike and having a spinning vision. As I always carry water with me, had a long gulp and needed some rest. Drove her another 100 meters to a noodlesoup stand and decided to take a long break. Carried on after one hour, 2 noodlesoups, lots of water & energy drinks with my jacket open, no gloves and the visor half open. From then on it was a stop at least every 300 kms, that was a full heatstroke and scared me a lot, lesson learnt !! So whenever you go for a longer ride, don't do it around midday especially between February and May when it's too hot, always have some water with you, make stops at least every 300 kms and if you are getting too hot, give your skin some additional free surface area to get some cooling. And do not think that such a heatstroke is controllable, I was just lucky at that time.......... Cheers, Franz
  3. Indeed, a threat to be very aware of, particularly at this time of year. Good idea ray about the cool vest and look forward to your review. I have heard of some riders soaking a handtowel in water and leaving it in the fridge the night before a ride. In the morning, drape it around your neck.

    I favour a Camelback reservoir system and also carry a few sachets of electrolite powders to replace the lost salt and fend off cramps.


  4. If you suspect you or your rider mates are suffering heatstroke brought on by dehydration it's best not to gulp down heaps of water immediately. Apparently it's better to take small sips every minute or so and find some shade. Something I learn't from a mine saftey course in OZ late last year.
  5. When working in Kuwait outside I started the day with a liter of water befoer he real heat hit and just kept adding as the day went on.

    I also soaked down cloth to keep my head cool if it got real serious.
  6. Down here in Phuket its usually a lot more humid than up north...Even on a short afternoon ride i carry a camelback and usually go through a litre or 2 of water..small sips of water most of the time..certainly helps...but I've also been hammered...
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  8. You just saw this thread as an excuse to repost your "GT-Rider calendar pinup" shot you posing git!!! Wink


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  11. same priciple as the one I ordered lot cheaper at $10. but a lot smalle to th vest I ordered was $95.00 with shipping to Thaland $130.

    The owner wa trying to get a group order put together, I would not do that since I have never actually seen the product. Claered customs on the 23. So maybe this week.

    Can't recommend something I haven't used.


    I actually saw it n the site

    Hope it works sure woudl extend the riding season
  12. Ok got mine today gave it i's first try between 1300 & 1500. It works seems to keep core body temp down. I had the Joe Rocket jacket over it. It felt a little damp but not uncomfortable. Heat index over 100F barely broke a sweat that is very unusual for me.

    My guess is each time you fuel up or take break it woudld be a good idea to soak it down again.

    Makes a huge difference. Everywhere excpetp my cesht and back were hot a can be. Thy alos make a do rag I think it would be worht investing in both.

    More reports to follow as I use it.
  13. Happened to me once in Ozstralia, Ayres Rock in 1986. I pulled up to the petrol pump and I was fine. Next thing I know I am pinned up against the pump with a few people tring to pull the fallen bike off me. It happened so quick!
  14. Yes it is no joke and lots of water early on is the key. In Kuwait you down the first liter of water as soon a you go o work. Just kept adding to it through the day. You would sweat all out. I down water at every stop, even I have coffee I follow up with water.

    If your no sweating in this heat something is wrong, get some water down you. First thing ge out of the sun it;'s a killer here. You need to get the body temp down don;t be bashful about it, use a garden hoes if you need to it's just water and it will dry.

    Ig yuor drinking beer drink a much water a you can befoe gigng to bed and start again in the morning. Pretty simple stuff but it works
  15. Thais were born into the climate and just adjusted naturally not going to happen for me.

    But that being said I saw Indian's go down in Kuwait the heat was much more extreme then their normal climate. Yes they were wearing coats of all things.
  16. Hi Friends,

    I have a very good working solution for the problem of dehydrataion: the Camel Back Pack ....That's the ultimate weapon !

    On long trip, I use to take it with the stroke under the integral helmet and it works very well when you have taken care of puting it full of what ever you like (I have one ddedicated for the Ricard) in the fridge before hand.

    I don't know if you can find it in LOS, I personally sourced it in Europe for a reasonable price.
  17. Well, considering that water is the major component of beer, I am well in line with these recommendations. What never ceases to puzzle me is that this thing about the daytime fatigue does not seem to work for me... :wink:
  18. Arh yes, drink plenty of water all the time lads. It helps prevent kidney stones - I’ve just had a few painful nights in Lanna Hospital Chiang Mai. (Pico Pico after I left you at the Kafe I was in hospital 2 hrs later!)

    Water is going to be at the top of my sustenance list from now on. No more riding non-stop drink-less for hours on end. I've learnt my lesson & it definitely hurts.

    For the record 3 nights 4 days in Lanna 33,000 baht (including 6,300 baht medication) paid for by insurance provided under the GT Rider group policy. So I've got my money back ready too now.

    If any of you guys are still living & riding out there uninsured get yourself some coverage. It’s worth it & cheap under the group membership policy.

    Look here if you want to know more
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t2733.html

    Drink more water! :) :)
  19. just done a job in a power station.
    hot as. we had a full day course on dehydration.
    its dangerous stuff allright
    we drank heaps through the day.
    in the toilets there were charts about your urine and how to look for signs of dehydration.

    3994159379_59ee749033_m. .

    apparently if you are taking vitamin pills it may through this out a bit.
  20. For whatever reason I have a very difficult time this year with this. So the doctor instructed me to ORS Powder Trademark Oreda R.O. It relaces eclectorlites. I have used a minimum of two per day depending on the heat exposure. It has helped me. It is avialable at pharmacy's.

    But Talk your own doctor I am not one. :lol:
  21. Ray, for me doctors are just another form of businessmen :x , right now I like to stop now and then at a petrolstation with a 7/11 :? get myself one chilly big water bottle 8) , open up jacket boots and trousers and douse myself in the cool contents :oops: , anyway with the heat we have today it takes a mere 100 kms and your are dry to the bone again :evil: . Another good source for the innards is always a Kueateaw in any of it's form, any noodle soup carries a lot of much needed minerals to top you up :wink: . We'll survive.............cheers, FR
  22. Doctors,,,,,,

    i went to the doctor a few months ago.. and he googled my sytoms. i could of done that,

    the stuff we were drinking hade lucozade in it.
    full of minerals...... drinking a glass every 2o minutes or so.

    i think one has to put in the tummy,, rather from the outside in.

    dont think a person can OD on water can they.

    little and often..........
  23. Actually I do both with cool vest. What counts is what works for you.

    I just don't want anyone following my advice. You can get the stuff without seeing a doctor. With this and drinking water like crazy I'm surviving. I feel fatigued in the heat I drink it, I feel better. Will it work for anyone lese don't know. :wink:

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