Heidenau K76 or Scorpion Trails

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  1. I'm in need of some new tires as the standard Dunlop supplied on my Versys are about shot. Originally I was considering the Scorpion Trails but driving home from work last week a noticed a new shop which is equipped with Heidenau and Tourtec.

    I have seen rave reviews about the German tire on other forums but wondered if anyone had an experience of them here in Thailand. I have being doing a few off road trails lately and the owner of the shop suggested the K60 but I think 50/50 is a little OTT. I am considering the K76 as a better alternative, an 80/20 tire.

    Any thought or opinions appreciated.
  2. What & where's the shop with the Heidenau - any details / info - might be worth checking out for some other guys.
  3. Have never seen Heidenau for sale in Thailand. Can you let us know who is stocking them? Cheers! :thumbup:
  4. I had this same debate with my local shop that is now stocking K60's and 76's. I had already bought the MT-90 AT Scorpions for my DR650 and was having them installed when I noticed they now carry the Heidenau's. After discussing it with the tech and hearing about others experiences that have used them both, I know for sure I'm going with the K60's on the DR. They are said to adhere/handle/wear great for a 50/50 tire. A bit noisy but the DR is not exactly quiet/smooth anyway.

    For the Versys, I think you are right to think more towards the K76 as it is more of a 90/10 design and rumour is they get almost 1.5X the mileage compared to the Tourance which is probably the closest match to the K76. Unless you plan to get into some loose sandy/muddy stuff on the Versys, probably no need for the K60. Let us know what you go with and how you like them!
  5. http://asianamoto.com/
    Near your neck of the woods i believe. It's the road that runs opposite safari world toward panya indra golf. Nice guy too. Bit cheaper than pirelli.
  6. Cheers for your input.

    Think i will give then a go. Price was just under 10k if i remember rightly.
  7. I've never heard of Heidenau and looked them up. They were an East German tire company until Germany united. Of course it's been a long time since then and things may have improved, but I would be careful thinking that since they are German they are probably as good as Metzelers, which has always been a West German company.
    MZ was East German and built mainly 250cc 2strokes for decades after WWII. After the wall fell the name was revived but not successfully.
    I don't know about Heidenau tire quality, hopefully they're good. I'm just saying that they are not necessarily a high quality product because they're made in Germany.
  8. Understood, but many adventure forums say they are the monkey's nuts. I was just curious if anyone here had them..

    I'm convinced by numerous reviews so I'm off for a set tomorrow.
  9. Revzilla has a video review praising the K60's too

  10. Thank you very much for the link! Will check them out when I return in a few months :)
  11. Went to take a better look at these for build quality and they look as good as anything else, no obvious issues. The tech did say the sidewalls are stiff as hell and can be a struggle to mount on some rims, so some caution there if you have a questionable shop with little/no experience with these. Another thing is the tread is different by size. Most of the super high mileage being reported is usually on the larger GS type bikes using the 140 or 150 widths that have the continuous center rib. Below 140 and you get blocks/lugs all over. The DR gets 120 or 130, but a much lighter machine, so maybe a wash regarding wear. Will have to see.

    110, 120, 130, 150

  12. Joe uses these on His Rental Bikes. They look Great and He claims they are excellent! I am not sure where he gets them from though? They Look Great on a D-Tracker!
  13. What's the verdict.
    I'm looking for something new for my next tyre change on the Vstrom 650

    I got a quote from Asiana Moto
    Asiana Moto - Borderless Riding

    K 60 size
    110/80-19 price 4,600 THB
    150/70-17 price 6,200 THB

    K76 size
    110/80-19 price 4,200 THB
    150/70-17 price 6,000 THB

  14. I have around 16,000km on a set of Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2's. Very impressed with them on dry or wet pavement. Light gravel is ok. I haven't had them on any really rough dirt roads, mud or soft sand but I suspect they won't be very good in mud or soft sand. The front has started cracking slightly between the threads but I consider this as normal wear. I'll run another 1-2,000km on them then change them out for another set of the same.
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  15. That's damn good use out of a set of Scorpion Trails compared to what I used to get on the Versys, but is that just the new model Scorpion Trail 2s compared to the old model?
  16. I had scorpion trails on my Versus as well. Never got anywhere near the kms out of the old version. The scorpion trail 2's work much better and they stick really good in the rain.
  17. Oh well that's another set of tyres to try.

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