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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Linds, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Just Joined this excellent Biking Forum,
    i have been lurking for a while[not poaching just reading] but after seeing all the VERY moving Tributes to `SLINGTHAI`, i have decided to join as its in my best interests and to all the members of this Genuine Biking forum, {not brown nosing but telling it as it is} to try to make a contribution worth while and to get help in my Biking matters.
    Of to KSA in the morning.
    Catch you all soon
    PS This is the first forum that i have ever read letalone joined let alone in LOS.Been livin here 14yrs.
  2. Welcome Linds, hope you will enjoy the forum :D
  3. Welcome Linds.

    Very nice words re the Forum. Hope to see you on the road sometime.

  4. Linds

    Welcome from this part of the Thai as well, if you ever drop by here drop me a line and lets have something stronger than water :wink:
  5. Hi Linds,

    Welcome here and thanks for the "words"...


  6. Thanks for the welcomes.
    Sadly [he,he] :wink: the KSA Thing didnt happen.So i get my freedom back for a while.
    Back in LOS December for 4 weeks too finish off our house in Buriram then can relax and ride.

  7. Welcome Linds,

    I have been living on Phuket for the last 5 years, got bored of it and are now in Chiang Mai since 6 months, still in transit.

    If you dont mind sharing the reasons for your building a house in Buriram, I would be interested to hear your motivations in addition to a , I guess , family reasons.

    I am always eager to learn from alternative thinking.


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