Hello everyone.. some advise needed

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  1. Hi all, im new to this forum and i would be in Chiang Mai in a few days to do the MHS loop. Have bought the GT rider MHS map and just need some advice.

    1) I understand that this period is the hot season, may i ask if the heat is bearable? I live in Singapore and we get an average of 28-34 all year round!

    2) Is there a refueling point every 100km-150km or so? What about refueling points in Doi Inthanon National park?

    any help would be most appreciated!
  2. G'day NobleGrp,

    Weather bearable (more so than Singapore). Great riding in the morning; warmer in the afternoons.

    No problems with fuel but would be easier to advise if we had a more detailed itinerary from you, details of your bike, one up or not, etc.

    With the GTR map you've got the most important thing!

    Have a good ride.
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. My plans are for one-up riding with some friends. Would be renting some bikes but not sure what kind till we get there.

    Plan to do the loop as follows:

    1st day: Chiang Mai to Pai/Soppong (can't decide yet)
    2nd day: Mae Hong Son
    3rd day: Mae Sarieng/Mae Chaem (can't decide yet)
    4th day: Doi Inthanon
    5th day: Back to Chiang Mai

    Would appreciate all suggestions!
  4. Hi, thanks for your repy.

    My itinerary will roughly be:

    Day 1: Chiang Mai
    Day 2: Pai/Soppong (undecided)
    Day 3: MHS/Mae Sairiang (undecided)
    Day 4: Mae Chaem
    Day 5: Don Inthanon National Park(understand that there is a place to stay inside the park?)
    Day 6: Chiang Mai

    What do you guys think?
  5. I would be bringing my GPS along but it would be only used just in case i get lost or something. I prefer the hard way of asking for directions or referring to the map.

    Lastly, anyone wanna tag along? hehe..
  6. Great trip.
    This site is full of all the information you'll need.
    Safe trip
  7. Thanks!

    Will be there soon!

  8. Hey Noble.
    Yur fellow SG-rean. Have you been on the trip yet? hows the trip? Will be going in Late July.
  9. Hi, i came back from Chiang Mai in May. AMAZING TRIP! But seems like u going for 2 days which is alittle rush in my opinion.


  10. In fact for these 2 days. i will go on a 1 day trip basis. Am actually there for a week. But u knw, most of the time with be time with the mrs to explore other things in CM. My main worry is the weather. :(

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