Hello From Beautiful Bangkok!

Discussion in 'New Members' started by bradmeister, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Its the end of our winter and the beginning of the Hot Summer Season. Everyone ready for Song Kran??? Thats the time of year when it's hottest in Thailand and were all preparing for our long Riding Holidays.

    I've joined this forum in hopes of generatinjg better understanding to my Hommis here in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Some understand Suspension and Geometry of they're machines: Including Off Road, Tour and Dirt Biking. Many do not and thats OK too!

    I come from the States, been riding since I'm 6y.o., Toured and Tour Mastered on 3 Continents, Raced Off road for KTM, Husky and BMW in AMA district 17 Hare Scrambles and Motocross and have a small. humble suspension shop in BKK. Basically, I have "the Sickness" just like all of you and I cant stop throwing my leg over the damn things and heading out into Country! Street, Track, Off Road, and Dirt. may I have another please? 55555

    Bradmeister Off Road.
  2. Welcome aboard.
    Do get in touch if you ever ride down south around Phuket area.

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