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  1. Hi all.

    I just got my bike in Feb so am a complete newbie when it comes to riding in Thailand. I live in Thailand for 4 months of the year when im not working. I am looking for new friends(riders or not) in Bkk and other parts of Thailand. Dont have anything holding me down or demanding my time for the most part when im in LOS, so I'm up for rides most of the time. I will be back in Thailand for most of May and June. I know its the rainy season but if it looks like we might get a break even for an afternoon trip just let me know.


  2. I am back in town and will be around till the end of August. I have a group that rides most sundays. If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know.


  3. If there is a chance you'll be there in January/February 2013 I would be thrilled to ride with you... :)
  4. I should be in thailand from about the 10th of jan to the middle of feb. I look forward to riding with you then.
  5. The best time of the year for riding in the north which has some of the best biking roads in Thailand, if not the world!
  6. I and one or two buddies from the USA will be there for a couple of months, but plan to only be in Bangkok for a few days. We want to take the train to Chang Mai and rent (250 to 500cc) bikes there. You are welcome to come but if that doesn't happen lets get together in Bangkok for drinks and some vittles. :)
  7. Hi Digiamo, I look forward to meeting you guys. We should meet up in Bkk for sure. Depending on what I have going on at that time a chang mai trip sounds like it would work. I just dont put plans in concrete this far out. This is Thailand lol. What type of trip are you planning? Strictly street riding or some off road also? I have my street bike and may have an enduro by the time your trips rolls around.


  8. We'll be Newbees to riding in Thailand and Laos too, but all of us have pretty sufficient experience to allow for off-road and off-map riding to some extent. I am not sure if it will be worth the trouble to get Garmin maps for my Zumo and try to get that all wired and mounted on an unknown bike...or will paper work just fine?
    Are you in SF the rest of the year?
  9. I have a zumo 660 and it makes life so much easier. I would suggest bringing a gps and getting the map sets for this area. paper is ok if you are used to using it but man i love my GPS. The rest of the year looks like this. Im in bkk now(I live here), back to work 29 Aug, bkk 8 Oct- 10 Nov, Bkk 10 jan to 12 Feb. What are your dates in thailand?

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