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  1. Hello from "KL" or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I must confess that I've been lurking regularly of late, having first come across this site in June. I was planning a trip up to Kanchanaburi/3-Pagoda Pass with a couple of buddies at the time and in Googling, hit on this great site and information on riding and Northern Thailand generally. This was of much help in allaying any fears (even for a Malaysian) that I had about riding in this country, especially as I had only been once across the border to Ranong in the Deep South prior to the June trip. It did not occur to me at the time that I would one day ride up to the North (this coming August 16th to August 30th) as the distances seem so vast at the time. But having done (and survived) the June round-trip to Kanchanaburi, I think my butt has now hardened sufficiently to take on a longer trip up north. This will be an exciting but sad trip for me - exciting, because I really want to see the North and will be doing this solo but sad, because we will be moving to Dubai in September and the chances of doing so again will be limited thereafter. It's such a pity that I have only now come to discover the beauty of the countryside and its people, as I would have done these trips much much earlier.

    I currently ride a Ducati Multistrada and bought it after having watched the "Long Way Round" a few years back. I must confess I bought into the romance of it all - the idea of riding to some far-flung place days on end, hoping for an adventure or two (sans camera and world-wide fame/infamy of course). And now I'm hooked. So much so that I can't stop myself planning for trips, which gets longer and longer each time! (damn that day job!!)

    I have relied on a lot of information on this site (and built up the courage) to plan my route for this upcoming trip and I hope to drop by the Kafe when I get to CNX (which should be on the 20th). I should be easy to identify - probably muddy, smelly, unshaven but quite possibly wearing a broad satisfied grin! [/img]
  2. Sounds like you'll fit right in. Ride safe & see you in Chiang Mai.
  3. Hi,

    You sure have found the right site for info and company in this region. Having been to Dubai and a little further afield I can assure you that there is some interesting riding in that region, too. Check out HorizonsUnlimited.com, the Middle East forum and you will find info and meet people there. You will probably trade your Ducati for a MX bike to have fun in the sand with. Oman and Yemen are two fantastic countries easily visited from the UAE.

  4. Go for it mate, you will never regret it.
    I first took my bike up through Thailand (LOS, Land Of Smiles) in 2004.
    It has taken me 4 bloody years to save enough money and get my crap together to do it again.
    So I am starting off by shipping my bike to KL for the moto gp in October, have a look around the East coast of Malaysia then up through Thailand to Chaing Mai around December.
    It is a special place for bikers and the GT Rider community will certainly make you welcome. Just catch up with them at the Kafe for a night cap.

  5. I hope to be riding down to the MotoGP from Bangkok in October as I have 3 weeks off work. See you there.
  6. A suggested ride/route from the east to the west coast, which should take in some really nice mountain & jungle roads, is along the East-West Highway towards Cameron Highlands. Watch out for the elephant-crossing sign (maybe the real thing too) on the way to Grik! :D
  7. Hello again. Currently posting this from Pai. Have had a brilliant trip so far, better than expected :D . Other than in the afternoons and for fairly short spells of rain, I've enjoyed sunny days. In fact its quite humid up here.

    Not sure when I'll be leaving Pai as this is a really nice place to chill out after consecutive days of riding. Need to find that Rasta wig .........

    See you soon, maybe ...
  8. Hi Iocoduc,
    Sorry to get back to you so late, been busy at work.
    Thanks for the advice about the East West Highway trip.


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