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Discussion in 'New Members' started by rudeboy, May 5, 2012.

  1. hey folks, new here but recognise some of the names from thai visa,, i'm currently back in the UK Scotland but spend my time between here for work purposes and sakon nakhon thailand, at the moment my bikes are as follows, in the UK i have a road legal yamaha raptor 700 quad and a yfz450 race quad and in thailand i only have a lightly modded ksr 110, i'm planning on buying a d-tracker 250 on my return to thailands as the ksr is just to small for me and the gf uses it more than me,

    got a few questions about the d-tracker, been searching here and other forums about derestricting and see there are various ways between getting a new ecu to doing the wire cutting mod, happy to go either route but cant really find anywhere to either get the ECU or find good clear instructions on doing the wire mod so any help appreciated, i can get a d-tracker in sakon nahkon at the same place as i got the ksr and all the mods for it but they dont really stock any mods/parts for the d-tracker and there english is very limited at best, think the kwaker dealer in udon may be my best bet.

    Also looking to fit an aftermarket pipe, doesnt have to be a full system just a slip on can would suffice along with a few other mods like tail tidy smaller indicators/mirrors etc mainly cosmetic..

    so any help or info on where to get parts or mods from other d-tracker owners would be much appreciated,,

    thanks for reading and hello again..

  2. Welcome Rudi,

    I'm sure the guys with D-Trackers will help with the technical stuff.

    The Kwaka dealer in Udon is quite well set up and some English is spoken. I've found that they don't carry great stocks of parts but can always get them for you from BKK.
  3. Welcome Rudeboy.

    johnnysneds posted an excellent pictorial step by step on de-restricting a KLX - HERE

    There's also a super simple way - HERE

  4. hi wally thanks for the welcome,, thats just the info i was looking for, done a search on here and couldnt find it,, so thanks for that,, now to find out where to get a dercent pipe and some other cosmetic mods and i'll be sorted...
    thanks again..
  5. cheers for the welcome guys,, wally thats just the info i was looking for cheers for that, now to find out where to get the other parts im after..

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