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    Long-time motorcycle rider including finishing multiple Iron Butt Rallies....and now pondering the excitement and challenge of exploring southeast Asia on two wheels, boat, bus, foot, air, and/or any other mode to experience fascinating cultures and destinations.

    I'm working on a plan that hopefully in 3 years (or maybe as early as 1 year) I'll be able to travel for two full years without a pesky day job to interfere. Figuring as 50 approaches I should do this before retirement.

    Research phase now and have already found this forum invaluable in adjusting myself from my current big bikes on relatively unfettered rural roads of the American west via 160hp cruise missile FJR including fuel cell and 650 thumper adventure bike on back roads. I'm sure I'll be able to I'll be able to do something rented or purchased of smaller displacement for the task.

    My initial idea is maybe landing in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to experience those countries, wander up to Thailand, find a bike to purchase that I could ride in other countries (yes, I've seen a great thread on the subject already), and then wander through Cambodia, Laos, linger in Vietnam, and decide what next as I get to Hanoi. Should I go right and wander China or take a left and go explore Myanmar and other points west?

    It's sort of rhetorical at this point...my bigger plan includes Phillipines, Japan, South America, Africa, and Europe as well.

    Thanks for having me!



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  2. Nice! That Husky 650 would be a Great Bike for this Region!!!

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