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  1. Just wanted to say hello, as a new member here :thumbup:

    I've been riding bikes since I was a kid and I'm looking forward to explore Thailand now I'm here permanently. Have been here on and off for the past 8 years or so.

    I noticed in the "what bike is this" thread some discussion on a classic Suzuki Bike, well thats one of the bikes I own here. I also have a NSR (great fun) and a wave. Looking to buy and modify a GSXR 750 or 1000 into a streetfighter once I have found a decent base.

    I look forward to being part of the board and hopefully meeting up for some road trips in the future.

    Here is the Suzuki fully restored


    Attached files 268485=3509-2. 268485=3508-3. 268485=3510-4.
  2. Very nice restoration 555.

    Welcome to the GT-Rider forum.
  3. Nice bike plenty of work gone into it,even polished cases.

    How hard is it to get parts? Does the oil injection system still work?
  4. That is a nicely done bike. So what area of Thailand did you settle into.
  5. Yep oil system is working fine.

    A few of people I spoke to had cut it off and just went with a premix without realising that the oil is injected into 2 places.

    Parts seem relatively easy to source. Some are ordered from Japan, there are also a lot of little shops that specialise in the older bikes hidden in random sois that I have been lucky to find.

    Found some parts on mocyc.com too. Would be even easier if google translate actually could translate. :)

    Thanks for the nice comments!
  6. Great photos, they fit right in with the discussion on the old K125. Not often they are in that good condition!
    I guess since it's a two-stroke it goes quite well, too.
    Are the rims stock? Looks like you doubled the amount of spokes - nice!
  7. Thanks!

    It goes ok, it only has a 4 gear step through box with clutch so I can keep up with city traffic fine.

    I prob only use the bike once a week for a ride along the beach front to show it off a bit :)

    Yep doubled the spokes in the wheels, i love the way the multi spokes look.

    So now this ones done onto my GSXR project.

    Ill take photos of all the steps and stages it go through. Expect it to take a few months, I pick up the bike on Friday if all goes to plan :)

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