Hello to all !


May 12, 2008
I didn't see a "New User" Introduce yourself here type thread, so I decided to start my own. :)

While new to this forum, I've been on a couple other Thai-related forums for years.
First trip to LoS was back in '93. Started living in Pattaya in '04 (when not working in wonderful places like Afghanistan like I am now).
First bike (in Thailand) was me wee little 200cc Honda Phantom. Nice enough for getting around the city, but not something I'd want to try driving around the country on.

Bought my Harley last April. 2003 Anniversary Edition Heritage Softail. Nice ride, not too loud (unlike some of my friends bikes that set off car alarms in every parking lot they pass).

Sadly, I was just getting to enjoy it when the time came to get back to work. Ah well, next trip isn't far away. Not sure yet what is happening in August, but I expect to be making the Chiang Mai bike week in December (this time on a bike, instead of in a support truck) !

Meanwhile, I expect I'll be browsing through the site here, trying to pick up some wisdom and perhaps adding a little as well.

Talk to you later eh ! (Oh yeah, Canadian by birth)


Mar 5, 2006
Welcome to the board.

I'm not sure CM Bike Week offers the best in Northern biking experiences.
But it certainly is a time for the gathering of the clan HD.

Good to have another Afghan Hound riding here
- PM me when you are next passing through.


May 31, 2008
ok lets use this as a newbie topic then:

This is my first post so lets see how it goes ;)

I first came to Thailand 2000 have not yet took the ride back home (Finland), I will wait until I can drive through Burma. Meanwhile I live in Chiang Mai and Im planning a trip to China through Laos.

I just sold my Honda NV400, but most likely buy a new one with little less miles in the engine soon... oh and after looking the pics, I believe Im one of the juniors in team with the age of 30.