Mar 16, 2005

Hi !! [:D]

My name is Sébastien, I am a french 23 years old rider and I am now working in Singapore for few months.

Last year, I worked for 7 months in Vietnam where I did many rides in the north, of course with my minsk... Useless to say how enjoyeable and crazy it was...

This year I work in Singapore, quite different comparing to Vietnam... But also quite interesting in other ways.

I just decided to organize a big road trip at the end of my job (september) of 2-3 months. I want to ride from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand, Lao and Cambodia.

But for the moment, I am looking for a good bike. By chance, Singapore is a great place to find one, bikers are really nice, always ready to give good tips, especially in the "Fastrax" motor shop where I will certainly buy my bike. I was thinking about à XR400 or XR650, cheap, easy to repair and parts are easy to find... I think it is good bikes for my project... And you ? Any idea ? [?]

As you can imagine, I will need many informations to organize it well and that's why it is so great to have found your site & forum. I will spend all my nights to read every parts... I will also certainly need your help sometimes...

With this post, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to every users !!!!!!!!!! [8D]

Cheers !!!

Aug 7, 2003

I'm sure you will find most of the info you need here.

Not so sure XR650's are easy to find parts for in Asia, I always have trouble getting parts for it. You learn to use parts from other bikes, like the oil filter, in Thailand a Kawasaki Boss(175cc) filter fits straight on.Don't even mention tyre wear or sprockets and chains.

Canby Publications has a good web site for Cambodian info.

Good luck!
Harry the Finn
Nov 1, 2004
I have a Honda XL 600 for sale, fitted with 500cc engine by the last Belgium owner as it was easier to do this than fix the original 600cc engine. It runs very well. I have used it in Thailand for over 18 months, has Thai registration, plate, green book, and bike passport to take it out of Thailand, I have been to Laos several times with it. I will either be returning to Australia soon, or getting a job here in Thailand as an english teacher, but this will most likely be in Bangkok and I do not wish to ride there. The bike runs excellently, has electric start, new front tyre, back tyre about half worn, the large steel gas tank, about 400 kilo's per fill, and no problems at all. Only the plastics have some cracking. If you are interested email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and I will send you some photos. Im asking 90,000 baht, will consider a fair offer. My mobile is 06 11 22 99 1.
I am in the LOEI province.
Mar 16, 2005
Hello Ozzyboy,

Thank you for your offer, but I need to buy a bike in Singapore as it will be much more easier for me. Anyway I wish you to sell it fast !!!


Apr 22, 2003
Hope you can drop in and stay at our guest house when in Chiang Mai, motor cycle travellers are always welcome and I can help point you in the right direction for repairs and parts, I also have a resonable kit of tools so you can do it your self.
Jonadda guest house
May 20, 2005
since u like to travell in vietnam/thai/malaysai just get a good bike like dual purpose u can ride anyway/any condition off road.
i recommed u by a tdm 850/aprilia pegaso or kawasaki KLe/klr
i am stay in malaysia Kuala lumpur below is my phone number 012-2568742..or inspore u cat get biker member winterfire club..by cu soon.kawasaki bike is good bike currently i hv 3 bike all are kawasaki...KLR 650/vulcan classic 800 and latest ZRX 1200 cc.

ok u u soon if u drop to Kuala Lumpur dont forget to call me..

buy bro hv nice day and safety ride