Helmet Boots in Bangkok

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  1. Where to buy gear in Bangkok. I need Helmet and Boots for touring in bigger size.
    Which shop you can recommend?
  2. Dear Andre

    Beside the usual places (Paddock on Ratchadapisek Road) and dirt shop, there is a shop on the road from Ekamai to Ram Intra (Praditmanutham road) around 500 meter passed the Lotus Ladphrao (on the left side when coming from Ekkamai) which has opened not to long ago.

    They have a reasonable amount of stuff, not as much as Paddock but the service is for sure more friendly.

    Name is

    Stadium aceessories
    3/80 M.6 Praditmanutham Road
    Ladphrao Bangkok Thailand
    02 5394011-2
    email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    I bought a helmet there (Arai) and the proce was reasonable

    If you look for more shops there are several links posted I will include the best know ones



  3. thanks bert! I will check it out this weekend...
  4. Hi Friends,

    Watch as well Thai Antinoc
  5. Hi, Fly to Singapore & save money, ie; my jacket 6200 baht s/pore .. same jacket in Bkk 17990 baht !!...
    got new helmet, oil & air filters,red line g/oil ... etc etc .. more choice for less
    money. well worth the trip. safe riding 2010.

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