Helmet cam?

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  1. Looking for a helmet cam.Any idea where to find one and how much?
  2. Hi Marco and Friends,

    No need to use this, just go to Banmoo electronic market in Bangkok and source a camera with an AVI output as it exists for surveillance.

    You'll need to power it via your bike power and/or/or battery and link it to an AVI input.

    Please visit the AVTECH site at www.thaiavtech.com or www.avtechthai.com (both sites are working).

    This solution won't cost you a lot and works fine, I tried it already with success.
  3. I found one I like its called the vholdr.www.vholdr.com straight forward operation,sells for about 14700baht.Have no idea if thats expensive or not,will carry on looking. :D
  4. leprac, if you are in chiang mai then the shop across the nawarat bridge 50metres on the right hand side heading out of town might have what you want. they have a selection of helmet cameras there for under 10,000baht. the owners name is gai.
  5. thx,will do :D
  6. Happy honky

    You have any more details what type cams they have?
    do they come with HDD as well?

    I would be intrested also as i dont wanna order from EU or UK
  7. Colin
    When you will be back in TH?

    I will check how things going on and let you know, thanx for offering.
  8. marco, they are the GoPro brand of camera. i think he has a pretty wide selction from their range.
  9. This is what I use on my KLX and my offroad rig:


    It is not cheap but its pretty tough and I love it. I can record up to 8gb in .avi format, I think that's 360 minutes. Longest I have captured is 4.5 hours. Got mine from the States tough.

  10. anybody know somewhere in pattaya ??
  11. sorry didnt checked date of last post

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