helmet camera vdo from mae wang enduro tour

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by saxonator, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. as I promised here's some vdo footage of the sunday ride with my new helmet camera....I think it's not too bad. Let me know what you think, here or on youtube.

    Hope you enjoy!
  2. Rudi

    fantastic cvo,, watched quicly and love your comments when you guys taking when meeting waterbuffalos,,,"keep gas auto....."

    i use to live in Austria 4yrs....LOL

    qualit very good, sounds awsome and what cam set you using?
  3. Marco,
    thanks a lot. I took the head of a mini tripod and bolted it to my helmet, after that I used hot glue to give it the everlasting touch. After that I took my Canon Power Shot A 470 and mounted it to the head, that's it.

    It took a while to find the right position, I recorded such a nice track at fairly high speed but the camera was in the wrong angle. After that I had to delete it, but then I got water in the carb and the damn XR wouldn't speed up enough. It's all about finding the right level.

  4. Once again Rudi, you show what a brilliant ride you guys obviously enjoyed. George is a real star performer too. Did you pay him yet ? :wink:

    @1:40 I recognised your location, I recently turned back at what I saw up the track after the stream ! - Something more difficult than my style.

    Great idea that camera mounting technique.

  5. Thanks Ally,

    unfortunately George fried his clutch. So no riding for a couple of days.

    Too bad!

    Cheers Rudi

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