Helmet Hassles

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  1. Hi All!
    What is the 411 (deal) with helmets in Thailand?
    Should I bring my own from Oz?
    Do they get supplied when you hire a bike?
    If so are they much better than an ice cream container?
    Do hire places have 20 bikes and only 5 helmets?
    Any info would be much appreciated.
    Beers & Cheers

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  2. If you take a look at

    you will see that it says

    HELMET WITH VISOR this is a safety device designed to protect that object attached to your neck. Helmets are compulsory; although enforcement is somewhat lenient. Despite this don't go riding up-country without one: you've only got one head, look after it.
    Use a visor on your helmet, this protects your face from windburn, dust, stones and those thousands of insects that delight in flying around at night, especially at dusk. Keen motorcyclists are advised to bring their own helmets with them. Rental helmets are never as good or comfortable as your own!

    Keep the power on

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