Helmet hygiene

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  1. Any ideas on how to prevent helmets from getting moldy during the rainy season are very welcome.
    I've had it already happen twice this season,
    Now using colloidal silver and a mild dose of ozone.
    Any other methods, suggestions?
    Thanks :)
  2. keep riding during the wet season?
    or you could remove the innards and keep them in a plastic bag in a cupboard away from moisture. much like you would with a bag of crisps.
  3. Karl, I've got both an AIROH Mathisse and a SHARK RSi, from time to time I remove the soft inner linings and soak them in soapwater, clean the hard shell also with a cloth soaked in the same soapsolution, then rinse the innards with clean water and hang them out to dry in the shade, gives you a clean helmet and a good smell too. Many of us do the mistake in not hanging the helmets somewhere to dry after usage (not to be exposed to the sun directly). I always take them into my A/C living rooms where they dry quickly and don't smell too much. Worst thing, I left them in my topcase, metal parts started to rust after several days.....sorry but there's no good sprays to my knowledge, you won't be spared the job of thorough washing from time to time, cheers, Franz

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