Helmet Safety Warning!! Nexx X.d1

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  1. Owned 3 Nexx helmets. Last one for me!
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  2. Thanks for info.

    Nexx is Portuguese company I believe, they make these helmets for Touratech.
    They are almost identical, just different brand name and hefty price mark up.

    With that in mind, my Touratech Aventuro has been quite disappointing: had similar experience to yours.
    Btw, nice youtube channel you got there FaraGit, subscribed :)
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  3. Yes that.s right about Touratech.

    I've never actualy been that impressed with its performance but that's beside the point. If I was off road doing those speeds as I often do, there is now way I would have maintained control on a rough or slippery surface.

    I reviewed the helmet when it first came out 2 years ago and I personally believe the issue maybe due to the vibration of the peak causing stress. A biker colleague has the same helmet and can't fault it, but for me I could not keep my head in a centralized position with it. I just wonder if the constant circular motion which I am guessing is caused by the peak, caused fatigue on the capped thread?

    Thanks fof the sub. I'll return the favor.
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  4. Good insight.

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