Helmets and Kit...Hanoi and Vientiane

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  1. What can i get in Hanoi...an MX lid by any chance? Also would like to buy upper body armour...heading there for the 1st of August.

    How about Vientiane...is there any chance of buying say a Shoei lid there? Even if its open face?
  2. In Vientiane, concerning the helmet, you could try Papaya Spa. The owner, serious off road rider,sells Shoei helmets... Not sure which models though. He writes on this board under the name Jean-Louis Papaya.He will be able to tell you if you can find body armour, etc.
    Email:[email protected]
  3. Just to say that I dropped by Jean-Louis' establishment today.
    Great massage.
    He has some very tasty Shark Enduro/MX helmets [no visor] for sale @ $236. He is an official Shark dealer and has other full-face models on sale as well. Best to email him to check on choice & size - Shark [according to J-L] has a different sizing scale compared to other Japanese makes.
    J-L does not stock other kit - like armour, jackets, boots etc.
    Best to bring your own.
    Fast Corner/Paddock/Mr T in BKK have a selection of good gear [tho pricey] if you need to get good gear sourced in the region. You may want to consider routing thru BKK as you cannot rely on picking up good gear on arrival in Vtne or Hanoi.

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