Help...I want a new bike...preferring a new/newer DR650SE

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  1. I've been looking for a year. Considered importing from Aussieland until their dollar got so strong. Still kinda considering importing from the US,
    but concerned about getting killed [$$$] by Thai customs and I've no experience dealing with them.

    Lastly was told by the Thai License Bureau, in Banglamung (Pattaya), that you can't license a Cambo bike. I've no idea is this is true or is worth the effort.

    A member kindly suggested getting a used BMW FG650...but I've ruled that out. They seem a expensive as well as not easy to work on (valves, etc), whereas the
    DR valves, with it's older technology engine, can be easily adjusted.

    Further, I don't know if a DR will pass the Thai smog test...or if it will pass with a slight...donation... ;-)

    What to do???
    Lay me down on the couch and counsel me with words of wisdom...please

    I _love_ my Suzuki 250's been a totally reliable dream, but it's time for something bigger that will make the long paved road miles to Cambo/Lao more comfortable.

  2. I fully agree with you BP. I gave Jon's bike serious thought and I'm sure he'll have no problem selling it.
    My primary hesitation was due to it being it stored for 7-years....and my not knowing enough about bikes as to whether that should be a major concern.

    And I apologized to Jon, via PM, as my DR post could have had better timing so as not to conflict with his. No malice was intended!
  3. Hi cdrw,

    IMHO, I agree with Bush Pilot... Maybe a lot of troubles in sight with your import option...

    Though I don't personnaly know Jon nor his bike, and by the way not involved in the sale, why don't you just go and meet Jon, then check and test his bike? Like a friendly meeting... So, at first you may get your personnal idea on the bike (condition, ride, seat, sound, etc...). Meaning: you fall in love at first glance or not! :wink:
    If not, leave it and nothing more!
    If yes (lucky guy!), but don't feel comfortable with mechanics (bike stored 7 years...), ask some friend "who knows" to go back and check with you to help you to decide if your fiancee deserves to be married...

    Obviously there is NO "guarantee" on a "aged" bike, but on this kind of bike at worst it should be a good flushing-cleaning-adjusting-tunning of the engine and mechanic parts (brakes, fork, chain...). Eventually some rubbers here and there in case of... But maybe not even!

    True, there is always "a risk", but IMHO, for the fair price and apparent quality on pics I should go... at least to realize what is this DR...
    But it's me... And my thoughts are not "Gospel words" :roll:

    Good luck,
  4. I don't usually do this and I don't want to hijack this thread but... :wink:

    Love at first glance, marriage & rubbers?

    Do I surmise a bit of pre-marital sex too?

    Lets hope the girl is up for all this!


  5. I've bought an XS 650 with about 500mi on the clock from a repair shop in 1994. It had been brought in for a first oil change, then the owner didn't return. Sat outside in rain and sun (Honolulu - lots of rain and sun) for about 12 years. Tires were original and porous, seat was shot, but the rest polished up very nicely. The mechanic didn't want to sell it at first, he thought the owner may return - after 12 years! I told him if he came back to charge him 5 bucks a month for storage fees, he wouldn't be willing to pay them. Then I gave him 500 bucks for the bike with key but no papers. Bought a hi-mileage XS650 for 300 bucks, parted it out, got my money back and more, then started to transfer the good parts onto the legal frame. Spent about 2000 bucks total during the next five years I had the bike; put about 6000 miles on it, never had a problem, mechanically.
    Don't worry about a bike that sat, if you replace the battery and some electric parts that have aged, and clean it up right (don't even try to start it before you totally rebuild the carbs) it should run.
    Even though the bike had an electric start, I loved to use the kick start - the pistons were so tight, the compression high, it was a joy to start it.

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