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  1. '99/00 Yamaha TDM 850

    looks like the poor thing has a seized con rod bearing. I need a new/used con rod, main con rod bearing and new/used crank shaft. If I get a crank shaft I'll most likely have to change all the bearings since they typicaly "mate in" togther after a motor has been run.

    Alternative is a used motor.

    Does anyone have connections or recommendations. I have tried Red Baron and Siam Superbike in Bangkok and no luck.


    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Chris
    If you're still stuck for parts & can afford news ones, then try some mates of mine in Singapore.
    They have a website
    (that is unfortunately under construction)
    The 2 guys who run the shop are Chan & Chua. Chan is the best guy to deal with.
    Normally I get stuff from Sing in a few days, or weeks if I want to wait for someone to carry the stuff in from Sing by plane or bike.
    They mainly deal with Honda Africa Twin & BMW parts, but can get most stuff at very competitive prices.

    Keep the power on

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