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  1. Hi there all, I have a BMW HP2 Enduro. I want to completely change the appearance of the monster machine.
    I want to completely Camoflage the bike and accessories in either flat green or black. It will mean a comprehensive strip down of the old gal. Who can do this job in Thailand? I am in CM but will travel anywhere to complete the task. I will work along side the fixer at all times on the project, just to make sure there are no mis understandings. Could be a really good project.


  2. First things first, avoid Barcelona.
    I have done similar projects with my bikes initially using Richie and his dad, Mike, who did the painting at RICHCO in Chiang Mai.
    I am not sure if Mike is still doing painting and, I believe, Richie is almost entirely an H-D operation now.
    Otherwise you could speak to Joe who has overseen stripping down and the repainting of both my BMW & Triumph bikes in the past.
    However Joe is probably in the process of moving and you may want check with him regarding his workshop schedule.
    There is a good airbrush painter not far from Richco - he painted the Rocket trike. I will add his details later.
    BUT his clear-coating is poor as he did not have a proper spray-booth.
    He has promised that he is going to build one and, if he has, he would be your man.
    But you would still need someone like Joe to strip the bike down etc.
    Good luck, it sounds like an interesting project.
  3. Rhodie, thanks for the reply. Yes indeed I did meet with Joe a few months ago, but he was swamped with work. I think this would be a good project. The Panzer HP2! I saw the limited edition Steve McQueen Triumph and this sparked the idea. I think the big Beemer would make for a better looking machine.

    Thanks mate. HNY

  4. Why don't You just Try "Wrapping" the Bike First? That way if You don't like it You can easily remove it back to original again? Seems a Shame to Modify such a Rare and Great Bike like an HP2, each to their own though. Good Luck.
  5. Hi Ian,

    Well I have thought about it, there are a few customized HP2e's out there. The original Blue/grey colour scheme I have always thought a bit bland, the como will be even more blands, but if everything on the bike is either flat green or black, I reckon it will make a great looking machine. When I lived in Singapore I had a lightweight Land Rover in a ghastly bright yellow. I brought a few gallons of MOD flat green that the British Army use on thier vehicles, spent a weekend just hand painting the thing and it looked Ace. I did the same thing in Sydney Australia with and old Mazda E2200 Ex AGL van, she became known as the Stealth Mobile. I hand painted her in the fly over at Bondi Junction one wet weekend, the Police thought I was nuts but didn't interfere with my work of art. With the bike though, I would want a professional job. If you google 'Triumph bonneville Steve McQueen' this is the look I want for my old bike. Big job as a total strip down basically, but it would be a very unique HP2.

    Best regards,

  6. Rhodie, had a chat with a mate today, highly recommended RICHCO and has just brought stuff up from BKK to be powder coated, so I am trying at the end of the week to hopefully put a plan together between the two that the 'jolly green giant' will be born.



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