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  1. please excuse my ineptness but i cannot get pictures that are stored on the computer into a trip report, can anyone enlighten me as to how this is done i have spent the past 2 hours in thisn internet cafe with the staff trying to do it and we have all failed miserably, they are in a my documents file do you post them???????? cheers.
  2. Suzukiluke-

    A search for "add photos" will show you this link Link removed

    Dave Early

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  3. thanks for the link dave but i just have not got a clue how to do this, i cant even get the photos onto a floppy disc, if anyone is around now i am in the buddy internet cafe on chaiyaphum road near the chiangers and bangers pub.if anyone can help me theres beers on me as i am stuck, its 6 o clock niow and im guessing i will be here for a good hour yet.cheers.
  4. ok dave, i am now i member of, only problem is being the genius i am i have no idea how to get the photos from the computer onto photobucket. S.O.S
  5. ok still no luck, if any kind hearted gt-rider fancies earning a few beers to show me how to get this thing going then give me a call on 089-759 7713, ask for luke, cheers.
  6. email me your pics at chris.moore at brat dot info and i'll put them on a server for you! It won't be until tomorrow afternoon, but they will get there!
    name your pics pic1 pic2 etc and i'll put them in a folder and they'll read etc for your article. Put your article up and we'll go from there!

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  7. Luke,

    Gimme a ring on 079727673 if you need help. We'll get together and i'll show you how to do everything to get your pics up and running. Enjoy.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  8. Luke
    yeah well we tried the few beers last night & that did not seem to work so well. Probably something to do with the Jameson's & red wine on top of the beers. So lets try again tonight & hope that we get the formula right this time = internet shop first, then the drinks. See ya on the pavement outside the Kafe at 10.00pm then?

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  9. yep thats good david ill see you there...
  10. thanks for the offer brat but you are dealing with a real no-hoper here.i dont even know how to email you the pictures!! thanks anyway though. suzukiluke

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