1. Has anyone ridden the road north from Pai to 1132?
    I would like to find out if it's dirt or sealed.
    I am planning a ride for November and day 3 is from Pai to Thaton
    Last year I did the 1095 from Pai towards Chiang Mai and found it nice but busy with many fast vans.

    Google Maps
  2. I rode there last year in october. Its a dirt road indeed, except from 2-3 kms out of Pai and ditto into Viang Haeng. But with a Crf250L I didnt have much problem. I wouldnt do it on a big road bike with road tyres though...
  3. Thanks Dodraugen. We will be on CB500's so will have to go the 1095.
    It would be a great way to head north if paved.
  4. For other readers clarity, highway is 1322 and Wiang Haeng is what the discussion is about
  5. Yes, the back road to Ban Wiang Haeng from Pai.
    Rode this way about 5 times now, always been on a CRF250 L.
    Not impossible on a CB500X, but depends on, weather and road conditions at the time.

    And not forgetting your skills, the ride will be interesting to do on a 500X.

    The fast van as you put it on the 1095 IMO is where all the fun is getting passed them.

    Well, good luck.
  6. I did not find any 1132 road on my maps but I guess you're talking about this dirt road (4014?) between Pai and Wiang Haeng via Huai Chang Tao, Muang Noi and Hua Pai joining the 1322 road?
    This dirt road seems doable with a bigger bike, at least in the dry season ... However I guess it must be a challenge after the rainy season ...

    Pai To Wiang Haeng.
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    The 1322 start from the main 107 from CM at Ban Muang Ngai and goes towards Ban Wiang Haeng.

    When you reach the petrol station on the right just across the road is a paved road that after a few km turns into dirt, and this route will take you over the mountain range to Pai.

    GPS location for petrol station is 19.580442 98.618894
  8. Why not try and turn around if you don't like it. You may enjoy it.:)
  9. 1x1x.

    You can see top rigth start point and bottom left Pai
  10. 1x1x.

    You can see top rigth start point and bottom left Pai
  11. Here are some videos (that are 4 years old) but give a good idea about the dirt road between Pai and Wiang Haeng ...

  12. Found some pictures of the petrol station, the road opposite and some of the views on route.







  13. I would most certain enjoy it, especially on a crx250. I going with a few others, and someone would fall off for sure
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