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  1. Hi guys .I posted on here a few weeks ago and got some good advice for my upcoming trip .. Im now in pattaya and want to hire a couple of enduro bikes for a few weeks but having trouble finding where they hide can anyone help me ?..I know chiang mai is a better place to hire but I plan on being at the kwai bridge for remembrance day so would be better to start and end my ride from this side of things .. any help would be great .Cheers Dean
  2. Hi Dean
    I might be able to help you out with a CRF250l but will need to know your start and finish city and dates.
    Cheers Bri..
  3. I'm not aware of anyplace that rents dirtbikes in Pattaya but I'll ask some friends who live down there and let you know if they have any leads.

    Here in Bangkok you can rent KLX 250's from this shop:
  4. Cheers tony . I've heatd of them and if I don't find something by the end of tomorrow I will head bavk to bangkok and hope they can help .
  5. Hi bri .. I need 2 bikes if you can help at all ..start and finish in pataya or wherever I can get the best bikes .dates will be from as soon as I get a ride and finishing on the 12th or the 13th at the latest as we fly home on the 14 .. both experienced and mature riders and hav all our own safety kit with us so bikes will be looked after .

  6. Well no joy with finding bikes I want in Pattaya so got a hire car sorted and will be on chiang mi tomorrow hopefully have better luck there cos im getting withdrawal symptoms and need to ride .
  7. It's nearly always best to start & finish in Chiang Mai, fly in & out is cheapest. Lots of bikes & more than enough roads. Get a Versys from Mr Mechanic or Pop
  8. I was told that David . I was just trying to make the most from my time and as I wanted to go to the kwai bridge for the 11th would of been easier to start and finish over this way and not have to rush back for our flights home ..but its all part of the adventure and I've now seen Pattaya (not my cup of tea)..decided to drive north as we've had enough of being passengers hopefully another day and we'll have a couple of enduro type bikes to play with . Have read that pc services are good for this sort of bike ?
  9. Hi Dean,
    Looks like your getting sorted so enjoy your trip. I could only get you the 1 bike at short notice so no good for you this time.


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