Help please! Where can I find valve shims?

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  1. I'm looking for valve shims for a CRF 450 R, I'm not sure where I can find them?!

    I have contacted DirtShop in BKK and they have a full set of shims for 4500 baht but I have family coming over in 3 weeks time and I can get the same set for a quarter of the price back home.

    I'm looking for the 4 smallest shims for the CRF 1.20-1.25-1.30&1.35 and they are 9.48mm shims.

    Any link or contact info would be appreciated.

  2. Hey Bro!

    Did a little research and it would appear that Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki all use the same size shims in their mx bikes, so perhaps you could check with one of the Kwacka dealers to see if they have the shims in stock for the KX250 or KX450 that they've been selling here.

    Alternatively, tons available on eBay. They're so small and light that shipping should be cheap and they're unlikely to attract any duty.

    One example of many that will work in your bike:

    [h=3]Hot Cams 9.48mm Valve Shim 1.25mm Yamaha YFZ450 SE Suzuki LTZ400 Z LTR450 (Fits: More than one vehicle)[/h]
    Honda CRF450R 2002-2012US $9.59 plus shipping and this seller does ship internationally.

    Good luck!!

  3. Cheers Tony. I had a look at the Hot Cams website and it says that any MX bike 450cc uses the same size shim (diameter). I'll ask Red Baron Tomo as they have a quad in there at the mo with the same engine as my bike and if not I'll just order from eBay. The RTW guys that are storing their bikes with me are also happy to send me any parts I need, I just wanted to get it sorted before Sunday!
  4. there are only 2 common diameters of shims so I went to Kawi in Chiangmai.
    Mai mee (what a surprise) for the size I needed so I rooted through a tin of used ones at a local shop to find what I needed. Not a high wear item so comfortable with used shims

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