1. howwwyyy

    howwwyyy Member

    i,m in kanachaburi at mo+did plan trying to get to mai sot keeping as close to burma border as poss,seems i,m stuck getting past nam chon reservoir(which i found is also a tiger reserve!).has anybody been thru that way?am i mad for even trying?can,t find decent map of area.
    or am i best heading back toward nakhon sawan.am eventualy headed for chang mai but want to keep off main roads.came up on rd"4"from south+not a nice ride on a 125!+very boring.[?]
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  3. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Howy, ol son no worries about the big cat's, the canibal dirt worshipers ate them. So ride my son into the sunset[8D] An don't look back!!! Scott...oztrailia[}:)]
  4. howwwyyy

    howwwyyy Member

    thats what ive been havin trouble with!findin small scale maps,lookin in countless book shops+not findin!least i know what to look for now,best ive done is rd atlas tday-it,ll have to do till chang mai.cheers

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