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  1. I think I got just the ticket for you for the Chaing Mai big bike week, there will be three Phantoms in the group should be very doable for you. I'll be on the 150 Phantom since some character decided to sabotage the 750 and it won't even start today.

    There is also a Honda Safety ride next month and that one is great fun, so talk to you buds about meeting up with us here in Udon, I think there is six in the group already. That is of course an open invitation to anyone who might want to join in.

    The Honda ride requires a Honda, the Chaing Mai run is open to any bike.

    This is just a heads ups for December run to Chaung Mai. I will do some more research about both events.

    I have been on the Honda ride before it is great, goes to a dam area near Khan Kean, a few hundred baht in the past per person. that gets you a windbreaker and two T-shirts, they feed you for two day and pay for your fuel. There is a huge show and dinner the first night as I recall seven course served at the table to you. Lots of free games to participate in. Bike contests.

    They provide and have tents set up fot you there, they also provide shower facilities

    I missed last year but the one before was about 20K bikes from 125's up. It' a great weekend and gets you out amongst them. Anyway I will post the info on it that is supposed to be this month.
  2. Rey,

    I appreciate both the Invite and the Info... Keep me/us posted on the dates, locations, ect... There are at least two of us from Kalasin who should make the trip, and possibly as many as six...

  3. The Chiang Mia event is scheduled for December 8th and 9th, there were two hotels listed on the site here. The actual hotel where they are having the event 4 to 5 k a night the other is $45.00 a night I submitted e-mail to check on availablity and costs. I think the lower cost hotel is very close to the other.

    If you guys want to meet with us here I'll find something locally, within the budget you give me.

    I really look forward to meeting with you guys that should be fun

    On the Honda event if you have a Honda shop in your area they may have info on that event. But I will try to get that put togehter for you guys quickly.

    By the way on the Chaing Mia ride I think we will have one night in Lampang as well.
  4. Pianoman the riders I met with this weekend the White Devils Motorcycle club are loacted 74 KMS from Khan Kean. toward Loie, how far are you from there?

    Maybe we could sit up a ride, with the guys from there and the ones from here in Udon, easy ride from here, with you guy in kalasin. They are coming by to pick up the 750 today to see if they can breathe soem life back into it.

    I'll chat with them about it and if yuo would do the same maybe we can sit something up.

    Let me know

  5. Ray,

    Kalasin is about 80kms the other direction (East) from Khon Kaen, so not too bad of a trip... I have spoken with a couple of the expat riders here locally, and there seems to only be marginal interest in doing anything, but I will keep talking...

  6. Well sorry to hear that your having problem finding riding partners, but it seem to be prettty much the norm. Even with all the posting I have doing been here and other forums trying to get some interest up, I'm still pretty much riding with the same guys. Did meet the White Devils and that turned out to be a lot of fun. Maybe one of these days I will just run up to your neck of the woods and we can have lunch.

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