Hey Whimpy - ride this Sunday

Jan 22, 2005
Hi Whimpy,

Saw David U. this PM and he is off to Pia on Sat to look at flood damage, so won't be here Sunday.... Maybe David TDM can go with us, but he is also thinking about going over to Pia for a look around.

Please call me at 019902096 and let's chat about time/place for a feed AM on Sunday and then a ride.

And to ALL others; the riding is Great even this time of year. Our ride over (5 hours from Chiang Khong) was very much OK as it relates to rain, and the temp was excellent (Coooool) and the road was even dry for the fast twisty part.[:)][:)]

David and Mai


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Wimpy & "others"
Sorry but I'm off to Pai & Soppong tomorrow – Sat / Sunday - to personally check out the flood & road damage. The Pai - Soppong sector could be a bit more interesting than normal. Hope to get some nice pix.
Also need to check that the BeBop is running ok & help prop up the bar if necessary.
Also need to get some more kms out of this stuffed shaft / sprocket before the bike gets stripped down next week.
Should be back on Sunday, but I might get distracted towards MHS for a night.
Got the new rear shock back on, plus new front fork springs & she handles like a baby - as smooth as. Too bad about having to go easy with the throttle in the twisties to Pai. In retrospect, I actually think I've been having a run of bad luck for most of this year & we are now in August, so it's gone on a bit long. Can’t wait for my luck to change & cut loose riding & touring & "mapping" - watch out when it happens, as it will be "rock 'n roll” big time.

Keep The Power On


Nov 2, 2004
Would like any info on Pai when you return. Like to spend a few weeks up there in Jan & Feb. I am hear in California, just get the news from the BKK. Post. Thanks.