Hi 1st Post - Question re: buying Honda Wave in Bangiok


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Nov 7, 2009
Hi everyone,

Seeker here with my first post to your forum.

I'm in Bangkok, retired and looking to buy a Honda Wave 125 i. Went to a dealer on Phaholyothin who told me they're no longer made. Said they were replaced by a 110.

Is this true?

I'm a big guy (read that as 'fat') :( , so I need the power!

Any suggestions on a dealer who:

1. Speaks English, my Thai is good, but not great
2. You trust

And any other info you think may be helpful.

Thanks for the forum and any answers.



Aug 31, 2005
I'll throw in my thoughts. If you're big as you say i would suggest skipping the step thru style bikes and go for the honda phantom or one of the tiger bikes. As for a shop. It doesnt matter if its a new Thai bike. buy it from where ever you get the best deal and if you want to get it serviced get it serviced from a local mechanic you feel comfortable with. You're not trying to establish a relationship just buying a bike. Think of it the same way you would buy an a/c or any other product. You dont need to worry about green books and legit imports and all the other crap that goes with buying a second hand import. The shop should do the all the legals for you and you just need to go and collect the plate a week or so later. If you dont speak enough thai to manage all that take a friend to help.


Jan 6, 2008
Surely they still make the 125i? My guess is that they only had 110's in stock and just said that so you would buy one. Have a look around, there must be a honda dealer on every corner in Bkk.

If you can wait there is a new 125 auto scooter coming out in a month or so, the PCX 125i It's a bit bigger than the normal scooters and may suit us Farang sizes better!

You can see it on google.