Hi All, Lurked A While... Finally Posting...

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Weaverous, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    Figured I'd actually post as I'll be attempting my first SEA motorbike tour at the end of the year - always keen on advice,

    current plan is to buy something along the lines of a Transalp/XR650L (with tax, plates, etc) in Phnom Pehn and travel around Cambodia along with visiting mates in Thailand - and potentially Laos.

    still deciding on routes, and whether or not I'll give vietnam a go as well (big bikes are a bit of a no-no unless you are lucky from what I've read).

    but my inbound is all booked - so i'm definitely doing it.

    I looked at shipping my bike across - but Its cheaper to sell here and buy there - unless there are hidden costs I don't know about.

    Something I haven't read much is the detail on 2 things - getting a Cambodian licence - From what I've read its between 10,000 riel and $65 usd and you can get it between 20 minutes and 30 days - heh. maybe too much research - but it looks like I can definitely sort something without too much drama.

    The other question I have is trying to find some detailed information on temporarily importing a cambodian bike into thailand, there are plenty of rough descriptions, but nothing with much detail that I've found - I tend to like to know everything - but have never taken a vehicle cross border before, i've only ever hired / bought at either side - so any in depth info would be great.

    Also, I intend to avoid Poipet like the plague, its bad enough crossing there by foot, if at all possible i intend to leave at Preah vihear (well the crossing near by) and return via Pailin - or vice versa.

    aside from that, I'm keen to post my experiences and potentially find others to share parts of my trip!

    also cheers for all the cool experiences I've read on this board, its really been a motivator for me to take this trip!

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    Not many replies.....

    I plan to do a similar trip with a couple of mates,but it's too late now to organise it for this year...just come back from Thailand and Laos.
    TripAdvisor Forums have some knowledgeable people,try posting some questions there,but look at the Stickys first (here too)!

    Keep the rubber side down!
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    Hi Guys,

    Slow response as many contributors here tend to be going the other way on Thai bikes with Thai licences in to Cambo.
    If you have an ASEAN licence you should be OK.. But the cops are very corrupt and may make up excuses to milk money out of you.

    Found this information on the web after doing a google search

    Driving in Cambodia

    For driving in Cambodia, each driver must have a Cambodian driver license. As to foreign visitors, they may be requested to take the driving test; in some cases, valid driver license from a home country may be sufficed. In spite of the fact that an International driving permit is not recognized in Cambodia, it is recommended to have an International driving permit as an additional identification document.
    To apply for a Cambodian driver license, foreign drivers have two ways:
    applying for driver license examination (like all Cambodians);
    exchanging their national driving permits for Cambodian driver licenses; in this case, their Cambodian driver licenses are valid for one year.
    The drivers over 65 years of age are charged for medical general checkup. To obtain the Cambodian driver license, foreign driver must give:
    Copy of passport,
    Copy valid entry visa,
    3 photos in the passport size,
    National driver license and a translation if driver license is not in English or French
    Medical certificate (if a driver is over 65 years old).

    Having not followed the above steps.. suggest you do a bit more research to confirm this information is correct.

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    Rambling thoughts from someone whose only knowledge comes from reading this forum...

    I think you will have a hard time finding a decent bike in a hurry... the more progress you can make on that before you arrive the better... I've not heard of any Transalps - XR250s and 650s seem to be more common, but even then relatively rare, usually old, and run the full gauntlet as for as condition... If you can find them through a forum, and then lean on someone in country to look it over before you arrive for final checks, you will be in a much better position... don't trust any adds, either from foreigners or locals...

    You might be better off renting a different bike in each country, rather than trying to take a bike across borders, but that depends on how long you intend to stay, and whether you can get the bike into your own name... unless the bike is registered in your name, or you have an official letter from the owner, you won't be able to get it across the border... I can see major hassles for you here, the impact upon your happiness will depend on whether that kind of thing 'gets to you', or if you just go with the flow...

    Check whether you need a local licence... I've only ever bought an International Driving Permit once, in all of my trips, when I rented a car and had the kids with me... I've never been asked for any licence or ID... You can't get a drivers licence in Thailand on a Tourist Visa, (or Visa exempt stamp)... don't know about Cambodia...

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