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  1. Hi everybody! I'm new on this forum, and let's introduce myself with a few pics and info. I'm 41, riding mc for almost 10 years now, together with my husband.

    This is us

    The last 4 years we made offroadtrips with the motortravel organisation www.motortrails.nl We visited Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia with off road bikes (Honda Baja's)

    Me eating fried spider in Cambodia...

    Muddy tracks in Laos...

    At home I ride a Yamaha Bulldog (BT 1100) for 5 years now, and I'm still in love with that bike after 40.000 km's

    I subscribe to this forum now, because we have planned our first trip to Asia without Motortrails. Just us 2 with bikes we rented in Chiang Mai, and 3 weeks to have a good time. So I hope to get some tips, and find some places we should visit. We like nature a lot more than cities, when other tourists turn right, we turn left... you get the picture I'm sure.
    I'm not used to writing in English, so forgive me my poor language...
  2. Welcome to GT "team" christmasball

    Hice "Dinner or lunch" you guys had,,

    Im LT driver and "Originally" from Finland...

    You will ahev good time in CM and enjoy the "Sceenery"

    Ps: Dont worry abt spelling,, if i can manage, every one can,,,,LOL
  3. Greetings and welcome.

    Let us know when you are coming over; there are a lot of people on the forum with good info.
  4. thanx for the welcome. We will have our flight on the third of November. Via Singapore, to Chiang Mai.
    I've been surfing through the forum the last days, and picked up some good info. About the triangle-map we need to buy as soon as we are there, and I found the list with all kind of recommended places.
    We want to do this travel all by ourselves, but maybe it would be nice if someone who is really familiar with the offroad tracks, is available for a day trip, to join us and show us around? I think it would not be wise to do difficult tracks with just the 2 of us, in case something happens.
    We're not scared, but in Laos we had our share of big time trouble, so we are a bit causious not to get over-excited and get ourselves in some kind of way-over-our-head situation.
  5. Hello and welcome also :D
    I sended you an e mail allready.( ik heb je inmiddels een mailtje gestuurd)

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