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Discussion in 'New Members' started by chrisb, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Just a quick message to introduce myself: I'm Chris and will be in an around Chiang Mai for a few days between 17th and 27th December on a (sadly) very quick visit. I'm renting a xr250 and hope to ride as many off pavement trails (preferably twin and single track) as I can.

    Anybody heading out for a trailride?

    Anyone drinking a beer in town?

    I've got paper and gps maps but it's more fun to ride with others.

    Have done a fair bit of biking: My website at http://www.thebrightstuff.com gives you an idea.

  2. Hi Mate,

    I'm not much for off road but would be more than happy to come have a beer with a fellow Yorkshireman when you're in town.


  3. Drop into the Euro Diner to meet up with Gary & Well.
    They have their own off road group "Dirty Riders Chiang Mai"


    with weekly trail rides, that can be bloody challenging.

    Euro Diner also has good food, plus is a regular hang out for Chiang Mai's expat riders.
  4. Hey Chris. I arrive in Chiang Mai on the 25th which is towards the end of your trip, but I'd be well up for a day or two trail ride and always keen for a few beers.


  5. Hi Cloughy
    Great idea. Where do you drink?

    Hi mate
    Have been doing some research and there's seems to be a huge number of trails to ride. Catch you another time.

    Hi David
    Thanks for the headsup on the FB-group and to Euro Diner. Maybe see you there.

    Hi Damien
    Yeh sure. Excellent idea. Probably best to email me via my website (in sig below) as I haven't successfully managed to configure my GT-rider profile to send me messages that there's a new reply on this thread.

    I will try to remember to check this thread whenever I'm on the 'net to check my emails.

    Really looking forward to my trip. Currently in Yorkshire it's 3 deg centigrade, rain, gales and snow on the way tonight. And I need to commute home now on a motorbike!

  6. Chris

    Just got back really good at the Euro dinner really nice food as well as company, and roads great have a beer for me
    Safe riding

  7. Hey Chris,

    I've arrived a bit later than planned. Checked in to the Amora hotel opposite Mr Mechanic and the cafe. If you're about tomorrow send me an email or leave a message at the cafe. I'll be there for breakfast.



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