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  1. well how times flies :D :D the move to Spain has been the best thing we have ever done , the weather is perfect 30-32 every day but NO humidity
    8) 8) . there are tracks everywhere and like thailand you can ride everyday for 25 euro .

    i just picked up a new one last week KTM RC8R what a weapon :shock: :shock:

    well i thought id post some pics of the bikes




    Akra and crash bungs fitted already

    the supermoto


    mx bike

    training on the mx

    and i still have my Aprilia race bikes , i sold my spare bike 2 weeks ago

    also picked up a new push bike 8) 8)

    well i cant say i miss thailand at all , and cant see myself ever living there again , i still have the houses and a car there when things pick up a bit and there is some more money around i will put the house on the market.

    i was out for a ride on the RC8R last sunday with a group of Spanish the roads here are great and i must have seen over 200 bikes out .

    also went to the wsbk at valencia and will be at the moto GP there as well latter in the year .

  2. Are you a successful rich w*nker or am I just a jealous c*nt? ;)

    Seriously, congrats on the move and hope it works for you. Where are you in Spain? Ronda/Jerez would be my choice but I am still happy in Thai despite all the shit.

    What about the dogs - with you or quarantine?


  3. Subaru WRX STI, Porsche Cayanne as well??? Cripes we can't get any Decent Vehicles here in Thailand Unless You spend Mega Bucks which incidentally looks like what You have done in Your Garage 8) Lucky Bugger, Wish I could do that :idea: Of Course I wish I could Ride like You as well :roll: Good on You, Good Luck & Enjoy it Mate as Life is Short :wink:
  4. cheers guys :D :D :D the cars here are free compared to thailand .

    we are living 55 min south of valencia or 45 min north of alicante , it got the best weather here in the whole of spain never gets to hot or to cold

    No problem with the dogs it took a while to get everything sort but it happened
    a pic from Madrid 2 min after we picked him up

    angel been riding a lot lately

    and our 2 new pups
  5. Seeing as we are showing our toys e.t.c, I thought I'd share this pic I shot the other day for another forum I'm a member of.


    The Bonnie, the missus with our Remington 870 Express and Mr Bones, our 2 year old APBT.



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