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  1. Hi everyone,

    My name is Gerrard and I have just moved to Ubon after a few years in different places around Thailand and SE Asia. I have a CB1300 which when I have time like to take out for a ride.

    Anyway, just thought I would say hi and now I loo forward to reading all the trip reports to give me some ideas of where to go.
  2. Hi Gerrard,
    Welcome to Isaan and to GT-Rider. I am based in Khon Kaen and get across your way now and then. Marco is much closer and I am sure will say hello soon.
    In the meantime if your'e coming anywhere near Khon Kaen, please drop me a pm and I will give you a telephone number so we can compare notes over a coffee or lunch etc. Cheers, John
  3. Hi Gerrard

    yes indeed im bit close than John and try to enjoy in Ubon, im 40Km out on HW23,,,me and wifey running Pharmacy business here, but will be in Ubon many times per week.

    Ubon has 3 Bike groups if that is your cup of tea to ride(mine not) so i ride usually solo or meet the guys in somewhere on the road, i usually do long hauls about 2000-4000Km multible day trips but time to time 2day trips in some places in close where i know are the guyswith big bikes, i.e. KK or UDON.

    i will PM you my contact details

    welcome to neighbourhood matey
  4. Ubol-Tan SUm-Khong Jiam-Pa Taem-Khemmarat-Patumrat Wongsa-Amnat Charoen-Muang SamSib- Ubol.... great Ride..... Avoid Trakan Phuet Phon Road for now, construction and narrow... Det Udom Road is Shyte too... Also, Ubol-Phibul is oggd, over to Chong Mek via Sirindorn, or Sirindorn-Buntarik is nice. South of Det Udom in any direction are shyte roads for big bikes. Phibul-Sri Muang Mai-Khong Jiam is a great ride too... Check out Sam Pan Bok in Ph Chai... get the Ubol "Red Map" for local roads... check out Wrong way Cafe for ex pats. nearby there is Grace cafe, owner rides harleys (all on Pa Daeng Road) Between Grace and the main road there is a big bike shop that fixes all the big hondas... good luck!
  5. Hey Pauly101

    I wonder when you been here last time as Ubon to Det Udon is 4lane Highway and fantastic for up 200Kmh riding.

    Wrong Way is just a 1 of the place in here as there is Swedish,Oz,Usa,Italian and few other joints in ubon and near by

    Crace joint, i personally never see that place even open during the day time, and as the BIG sign say in there other bikes than HDs are not allowed to park there :lol:

    Lot's of friendly places in Ubon where one can park the bike's with out restriction's....
    opposite ir force entrance is Peppers for Exelent 8am Full breky(as wrong way opnes when staff wakes up around later afternoon)
    But peppers mainly for coffee and cakes,they do have beer as well and par righ front, if not blocked by small bikes, i think Peppers still cerving pizza as well, no know as not been there for a long time.
    Spargo, Italin restaurant opposite of the Home mart on the wy to yaso (HW23),good exelent food.

    Lillies restaurant and Bar by the recervoir is unfortunently closed for next 3-4mths for reconstruction.
    oh yeah and N-Joy right by the Local Jail,,,make thai and western food has pool and booze as well

    just the name of few place
  6. Hi Pauly101, thanks so much for your trip ideas and a big thanks to Marco as well for his eating and drinking ideas!!

    I am slowly starting to find my way around Ubon and last night decided to go out for a look around and a few drinks. I went to the Wrong Way and it must have been my lucky day as they had some free food on offer. I don;t think they do this very often. Had a few beers there which were nice and cold and a chat with a few people who gave me some good info on the area. Was a little quiet but will go there again for sure.
    This morning I decided to check out Peppers for breakfast and was glad I did. A really good breakfast menu was hard to chose from but I eventually settled on the big breakfast which hit the spot and certainly filled up my tank! The best thing though was the coffee. I love my coffee and the this place served as good as I have had anywhere else. I noticed that they do Pizzas and Hamburgers as well so might check it out next week at night time along with a few cold beers before a nightcap ( a Latte!)
    Have been told of a few other places as well which I will check out (and report back on) soon.
    Thanks again everyone for your warm welcome.

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