Hi! I'm Eduard From Barcelona

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  1. Thanks for accepting me! I'm Eduard and I was born in Barcelona. I've been living in the Sahara desert, south-east Morocco, for four years, guiding offroad tours by motorcycle through the moroccan desert. Last year I travelled for the first time to south-east Asia, flying first to Bangkok and visiting north of Thailand by rental Honda CRF250L (from C&P in Chiang Mai). I was really impressed of nature after long time in the desert! :yum

    After Thailand I jumped to Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia, but this is another story.

    I organized the Ride To Roots Meeting Africa in the desert for 5 years, a travellers meeting, mainly for offroad trail riders. Looking for new adventures, a new Ride To Roots Meeting Asia is in my head, so I'm planning to take it out this year.

    Congratulations for this great forum! There are a lot of good information, hope to put my grain of sand on it.

    Vsssssssssssss :cool:

    Mae Hon Son loop

    In Morocco with my BMW F800GS
  2. Hi Eduard

    Welcome on board, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures across Asia as they occur! :)

    That is what makes the GT-Rider site such a good resource - many different people from many different countries have contributed to the library of Trip Reports covering various regions of South East Asia. The result is interesting perspectives and different points of view.
  3. Thank you so much!!!!! :grinning:

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