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Discussion in 'New Members' started by PatrickCW, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Hi, this is Patrick from NYC. I have visited Chiang Mai a couple of times. Took up scooter riding the first trip in 2012, rode around the moat road after an extensive on-the-bike instruction by the rental place lasting 5 minutes (may have been six minutes), got gas, and got the bike back to the hotel in one piece. Since I have gone back and rented a Ninja 250 and rode with my friends the Mae Chaem, Mae Hong Song, Pai, and Chiang Mai loop two weeks after passing the Basic Riding Course. Now I'm looking at bikes and gear everyday. What's this medical condition?
  2. Hi Patrick, It is actually an addiction. There really is only one cure. Get back here and enjoy an even bigger bike and go North and visit the many beautiful areas such as the Golden Triangle and Nan areas.
    Eventually the addiction becomes impossible to satisfy with yearly trips and one needs to make a full time move and having already tested many bikes one is able to choose a long term partner. Good luck and see you back here sometime.

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