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Jul 15, 2005
Yo David, thought it was time for me to add a bit of info to this hot site. As David knows I also have lived in Chiangmai for many years.I have proudly had the privillege of knowing David Unkovich for many years. Funny enough we first meet on a bus going to Chiangmai in 1984. It was in those days that David gave me heaps of tips & advice that inspired me to spend a lot of time in Chiangmai & Northern Thailand.I too ended up marrying locally and am now happily divorced ha ha. I have over the years had my Up's & Down's and survived them all without any permanent damage. Pleased to say that I have had over the years, many golden days & memories with David in his old Libraray Service shop. I am also smiling to see an old name I know out there too....Yo Scotty..still in Saudi eah.. As I say for those of you who have been around as long as David and myself, we have a lot of info to share with you. Although I am personally a little out of touch at this moment, I know that David is on the ball and highly reliable & does his best to keep you riders on top of things. Happy to Contribute. cheers people FM