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  1. Greetings from HC Adventure Tours, Siem Reap. Just to let you know for repairs if you are coming through Siem Reap, Hidden Cambodia has opened a new bike shop, buying , selling and repairing dirt bikes. Its located on Route 60, thats the road to Angkor, after the hospital and two speed ramps, take a right and its on your left, about 700 mts down. Our main office base for tours is not far from that. This http://www.canbypublications.com/maps/srmapmain.htmis a good one . Paul is is usually between the two.

    We have a couple of dirt bike tour dates for that we are looking for a few more dirt bike riders.
    Nov 20th - 3 days
    Dec 1st - 3 days
    Jan 8th, 08 - 4 days
    Feb 15, 08 - 4 days.

    Drop me a line anytime and ill give you the schedule, the ride profile and the info. Other thing is we have a scan of the map for our tours, just from the geko map but very good. Can send it on to anyone that wants it,
    Ride free , ride safe
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