Hiflofiltro oil filters BMW HONDA KAWA. SUZUKI KTM HUSA.

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  1. Genuine Hiflofiltro oil and air filters, money back guarantee. See the banner above. PM me for details. Plenty of oil filters in stock, I've just sold out of a heap of the air filters but they should be back in stock next week.

  2. Need some for the Africa Twin
    Oil Filter: HF303

    A pack of 3 would be good.

    For those interested


    The Hiflofiltro-Thai Yang Kitpaisan factory was founded in 1955 and has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963. With the experience of more than four decades, constant research and development and modern production facilities we manufacture today some of the best quality filters in the world.

    To achieve and ensure the consistency of our high quality, we use only premium quality materials from well known makers: Steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, Glue from Henkel Germany, paper from Ahlstrom Filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA and Awa Paper Japan.

    With this high quality, the customer list is extensive and includes car makers such as BMW, Peugeot, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan and Denso.

    Hiflofiltro is the complete range of motorcycle filters engineered to extreme quality standards to provide ultimate engine protection.

    Our aim is to supply you the best quality most innovative and competitive product line fully backed by complete availability and service.
  3. Thanks David, PM sent
  4. Gotcha, you've got a new customer. Good value for money.
  5. Mussen, can you please PM or email me details/price for oilfilters as per below:
    Yamaha FJR1300A, year 2007 or 08
    Yamaha SRX 6, approx. year 1986
    Suzuki DR650RE, year 1994
    Honda NT400Bros, year ??
    each one piece or a set. Thanks & rgds, FR
  6. Hi Franz, PM sent.

    I've also got some steel rear sprockets, 50T, YZF, CRF and KTM if anyone is after any.

    Cheers, Brett 089 770 9069
  7. The oil filter is one of the more important bits in the engine and there is far more to it than price.

    I would like to know what the filter material is - IE paper or a composite containing other synthetic materials plus paper

    Also what is the efficiency rating and particle retention size expressed like:
    "98% at 30 microns and 85% at 20 microns".
    Please do not just tell me that it is an X micron filter as without the efficiency rating this data is meaningless if not misleading

    Technical issues, but this information should be readily available and critical in order for me to change brand from Purolator Pure 1 filters
  8. You are correct about the importance of oil and air filters. And while I can't provide you with tech. specs (Hiflo don't release them), all their filters are better than OEM spec in regards to flow and filtration, and you'll find the oil filters on par with K&N and the air filters with Twin Air. Have a look though their site below and you can see they manufacture parts for BMW, Toyota etc.

  9. If they do not release this important engineering data, how on earth do they expect me to have faith in their product?
    Other companies have so such qualms. They mall well make OEM filters, but there are better filters available than an OEM standard, and this is what I want and currently use.

    BTW, K&N oil filters have some of the least amount of synthetic filter material when compared to the other high end synthetic filters.
  10. Ordered & paid on Monday, got them delivered already on Wednesday, that's quick, thanks to Mussen! Opened up the packing, look perfect, will use them one by one for SRX600, DR650 and NT 400 Bros. Ordered 2 filters for the DR650 from a local shop 3 months ago, still nothing. So I'm gonna stick with HIFLOFILTRO for the time being. Outside the packing, the imprint also states which original filters they replace, very helpful. They also got the TUEV certification, states also that it is suitable for all types of engine oil.
    Website: www.hiflo.com
    Cheers, Franz
  11. Hi Mussen, I need 1 HF 303 for my Kawa W650, do you have in stock ??. Regards Eddie The Eagle.
  12. Hi Eddie, PM sent.

  13. Hi Brett, Received my 2 oil filters today for my W650 & ST1100 by EMS (HF303) excellent service, thanks once again. Eddie The Eagle :))) ...
  14. Pleasure Eddie, thank you.

  15. Hi Brett
    Received my filters today great service ordered on Monday arrived Wednesday.
    Thanks again
    1995 Honda 250 Degree (MD26) :happy4:
  16. Do you have any sprockets for a suzuki rm250?
  17. Dear Mussen,

    Please advise price and availability of HiFlo oil filters for 2009-2010 Kawasaki EX650 and Suzuki GSXR 1000 K6 delivered to Bangkok.

    Thank you! :happy5:

  18. Big thanks to Brett / Mussen.

    Drove over to his place yesterday and picked up the filters for my EX650 and GSXR. All good!

    Thanks Brett! :happy5:
  19. Not a problem Tony, thanks again.

  20. I should have all the filters on a website shortly, in the meantime you can PM me or post a message here.

    Probably should post a bit more info here, I charge 100baht postage (EMS) for parcels sent within Thailand.

    HF204/ HF303 etc oil filters are 500 baht per pack of 2 filters (plus postage).

    Give me a call or PM me in the mean time for availability, I've got most dirt bike oil and air filters in stock.

    Cheers, Brett
    089 770 9069
    SKYPE: bc.skype.bkk
  21. Hiflo HF163 & Hiflo HF164 oil filters for BMW bikes are 500baht per pack of 2 oil filters, plus 100 baht EMS postage.

    The above filters suit most popular BMW bikes incl. K1200, R1100/1150/1200, S1000, F650, F800, earlier K75's,

    089 770 9069
  22. Hi There, Do you have ... oil & air filters for 2006 Goldwing 1800, oil should be H/F 204 I think, Edd. :happy3:
  23. Hi Edd, yes I do, PM sent.


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